Tired from a long day boulevarding in the heat, but starving after drinking all day? We can all relate.  These places are perfect for that easy and quick post boulevard drunchies to satisfy your hunger.  From Tex-Mex to fried chicken, this list consists of all different kinds of food for everyone's drunken cravings.  

1. Bubba's Cooks Country

If you're craving some wicked good fried chicken, this is the place to go.  A step up from your go-to fast food places, Bubba's offers the best southern comfort food.  You can never go wrong with fried chicken strips, warm rolls, and some mashed potatoes with gravy and of course some green beans on the side as well.  Located in Snider Plaza, which is only a short walk away or a quick ride through their drive thru makes Bubba's a quick and easy drunchie. 

2. Torchy's Tacos 

If you're craving some really good tacos and queso after boulevarding, this is the place to go.  It's only a short walk from campus.  Be sure to order their must have Trailer Park Taco and make sure to get it trashy.  This taco with their amazing chips and queso are always a good choice for a good post boulevard drunchie. 

3.  In-n-Out 

In-n-Out will always be a classic and it's a classic for a reason.  This is the perfect place for anyone's burger fix.  The burgers and fries will melt in your mouth.  If you're feeling adventurous, get you're fries or burger animal style. You won't regret it.

4. Eatzis

In the mood for an all you can eat market? Eatzis is the place to go. After the boulevard, everyone's so hungry, so this market is perfect. If you want the best mac and cheese you are in the right place. Not in the mood for mac and cheese, but a sandwich or even a fine pastry? They have it all.

5. Old Chicago   

Craving a good pizza or calzone? Old Chicago is super close to campus located right in Mockingbird Station. From pizza and calzones to parmesan garlic fries and garlic bread, they have the perfect menu for a post boulevard drunchie.

After a long, hot day of boulevarding, all you need is some yummy food to curb those drunchie cravings. With so many options close to campus, there's no need to get up and get ready for a nice meal out. From fried chicken to some serious tacos, there's an option for everyone.