Boston Burger Company on Boylston Street is right next to Berklee School of Music for good reason. You'll be singing when you leave the vibrant bar after having their Pumpkin Frappe.  

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Jessica Citronberg

Everyone does pumpkin flavored items for the fall, especially Trader Joe's, but Boston Burger Company is doing it a little different with their Pumpkin Frappe. Thankfully, it comes with a spoon. 

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Jessica Citronberg

There is no perfect way to approach this, because you're going to end up having caramel sauce and pumpkin pie all over yourself and your table. A white shirt might not be the best choice of attire when consuming this treat at Boston Burger Company. 

The shake itself is great because the pumpkin flavor isn't overdone, it's a great balance between flavor and decadent creaminess. It's not everyday your frappe is served with a slice of pie on top of it. 

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Jessica Citronberg

The pie was just an average frozen pie, but it served as a next-level item to dip into your frappe. The crust added some texture that was a pleasing contrast to the rest of the creamy drink. It didn't stop there, though, because you wouldn't want to waste the marshmallow and pumpkin cookie crumble off the side of the glass. 

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Jessica Citronberg

And if this isn't enough to get you hyped, make it a boozy frappe if you so desire. Boston Burger Company has the option of adding UFO Pumpkin or Southern Tier Pumpking beers. 

The only problem is that it's a seasonal item, and all good things do come to an end with the seasons. Get it while you can and you'll want to bring friends, four people could split this and be totally satisfied. And save room to try one of their monster burgers while you're there.