Psycho Donuts claims to be "the world's most unusual gourmet donut shop!" and after my visit to their Santa Clara location, I must agree. Psycho Donuts opened in 2009 and now has three locations around the Bay Area.

doughnut, chocolate, cake, sprinkles
Kendall Deitch

Lately, dessert shops have shifted their focus into creating trendy experiences for customers rather than just providing ordinary products, and Psycho Donuts is no exception. Most of their donuts are around $3.00, which I believe is a fair price for the concoction you are going to be enjoying.

chocolate, cake, cookie, sweet
Kendall Deitch

Psycho Donuts prides itself on constantly inventing new flavors and combos of donuts. They like to donutize "everything from pizzas, tacos, and even sushi." They have even turned a margarita into a donut filled with tequila pastry cream and topped with real strawberry and margarita salt. (Check out 11 of America's Most Absurd Donuts here.)

One of the best parts of Psycho Donuts is their support to local charities. Since being founded in 2009, they "have donated over 100,000 donuts to HomeFirst homeless shelters, the Downtown Streets Team, and scores of local charities, schools, and fundraisers." 

doughnut, bread, bagel, sweet, chocolate, pastry
Kendall Deitch

The funky interior of Psycho Donuts is complete with a bubble wrap therapy station. Works of art done by local artists are hung around the store and available for purchase. 

Overall, Psycho Donuts is a quirky place to hang out and grab an unconventional sweet treat.