While New York City might be known for its skyscrapers and Broadway shows, the food is next-level. As a food enthusiast, I spend a lot of my time visiting different restaurants and dessert spots in NYC and my most recent trip was to Pinks Cantina.

Where Is Pinks Cantina?

Pinks Cantina has two locations in NYC on Christie Street and E 10th Street. Pinks is also serving at different venues throughout the city including Webster Hall, Leave Rochelle Out Of It and Liquor Lab. Pinks Cantina is open Monday-Wednesday between 5pm-12am, Thursday and Friday between 5pm-2am, Saturday between 5pm-4am and Sunday between 12pm-12am. 

What's On The Menu?

Pinks Cantina is known for their signature tacos which range between $4-6. Some of the tacos include tres chiles chicken, chicken tinga, carnitas, food truck, ginger butternut squash, short rib barbacoa and a nitro shrimp.

In addition to tacos, Pinks Cantina also offers bowls that include a choice of protein, sides and sauce. Some of the sides available are tater tots, guacamole, pico de gallo, seasonal fruit salsa, spicy corn salsa, black bean salsa, pineapple agave salsa, caramelized onions and corn tortilla chips. The sauces range from Mexican gravy to Pinks crema. 

Nachos are also available in their regular form and with a tater tot base. It might sound strange, but trust me once you have these you will never want tortilla chips again! They also have the option of regular tater tots with cheese if you prefer something more simple.

For dessert, Pinka Cantina has a dolce gusher churro with Mexican chocolate sauce and cornbread held. 

Overall Thoughts

I tried a little bit of everything on my visit to Pinks Cantina including the tot nachos, the tres chiles chicken taco, the chicken tinga taco and the churro. I was absolutely blown away by the flavor and quality of the ingredients used. I'm not the biggest fan of Mexican food because I tend to think the ingredients don't mix well together, but that was not the case at Pinks.

While the food was delicious, it was a tad greasy. I mean, I didn't mind because it was good, but my mother thought it was a bit overwhelming. 

The pink cream sauce really stood out not only for its gorgeous color, but its rich flavor and texture that paired perfectly with the chicken.

I am very big on desserts and I really enjoyed the churro. It was served warm and had a sweet and savory dolce filling. I didn't think the churro needed the dipping sauce, but it was nice to have on the side. 

Overall, I will definitely be stopping by Pinks Cantina on my next trip to the city. The fun retro vibe along with great food calls for a successful night out.

More About Pink's Cantina

Pinks Cantina serves gluten and nut free and vegan options.  To find out more information about Pinks, follow them on Instagram: @PinksCantina.