A few weeks ago I came across a video from Food Insider about the best burger in New York City and apparently Emily Pizza's 'Emmy Burger' is one of the most delicious burgers in the city. 

As a foodie living in NYC, I decided that I was going to venture to Emily Pizza in the West Village to try out this burger for myself and let me just say it did not disappoint. 

Where Is Emily Pizza?

Emily Pizza currently has two locations in NYC: the West Village and Brooklyn. I went to the location in the West Village on Downing Street because there were no tables available at the Brooklyn location. 

What Is The Atmosphere Like At Emily Pizza?

Upon walking into the restaurant, the first thing I noticed was how small it was on the ground level. There were numerous tables positioned directly next to each other with very little space in-between. However, the set-up provided a sense of community and it really felt like everyone was there to enjoy their meal and relax. 

My family and I were seated right next to the window which was a little tight, but comfortable. I went to use the restroom downstairs and I noticed that there was a whole lower level that was dark and candle-lit making it the perfect location for a future date night. The lower level was basically empty because everyone was placed in the main dining area on the ground level. On the lower level, you could also see the oven where the pizza was being heated which was interesting. 

What's On The Menu?

I came to Emily Pizza with the goal of trying the 'Emmy Burger,' but in addition to the burgers they also are well known for their pizza. Emily Pizza offers a wide selection of pizza's including  pinks, reds and whites. My family and I ordered the vodka pizza and it was probably the best slice of pizza I've ever had. I have to say though, I am not a fan of red sauce, so the vodka sauce really sold it. The pizza was light, airy and sweet which is something you don't typically experience with NY slice. You could tell that the pizza was carefully prepared and freshly baked. It was a little pricy at $19, but the quality was out of this world which made it worth it. 

The Emmy Burger

I decided to try the 'Emmy Burger' to see if the reviews I have seen on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram were really true. I'm going to note that you cannot make any modifications or substitutions to this menu item upon order. This burger, also known as "Pat Lafrieda," consists of LaFrieda dry-aged beef, EMMY sauce, caramelized onions, American cheese and pickles on a pretzel bun with a side of curly fries. This burger is very pricy at $26, but the quality of the burger was top notch. 

Upon first bite, the burger melted in my mouth and all of the flavors blended perfectly together. The EMMY sauce was out of this world and I really want to know what it was made from. The only negative I have about this burger is that the pretzel bun became soggy quickly and fell apart midway through my meal.

Overall Review

The 'Emmy Burger' exceeded my expectations and was very satisfying. If you plan on going to Emily Pizza in the future, make sure you make a reservation in advance because tables fill-up  quick. 

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