Have you ever wanted to try pink chocolate? Here is your chance. Magnum ice cream recently announced the launch of their Magnum Ruby Minis, which features new chocolate variant, Ruby. 

What Is Ruby Cacao?

Discovered in 2017, Ruby is the first new chocolate in nearly 80 years after white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate. The Ruby cacao bean has been found to grow in places such as Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast. Ruby cacao beans have special qualities that generate its unique flavor, look and taste compared to other cacao beans.  

The Ruby cacao bean has the fresh berry fruitiness, color and luscious smoothness that can be found in the new Magnum Ruby Minis. 

What Does It Taste Like?

Photo Courtesy of Magnum

I was thrilled when I found out about this ice cream and chocolate combination because it was something I've never heard of before. I am a chocolate lover and the idea of pink chocolate was very intriguing to me. I had the opportunity to try the new Magnum Ruby Minis ahead of their release and it is out of this world. 

According to the packaging, the Magnum Ruby Minis are made with sweet cream ice cream which is paired with the ruby cacao. I decided to try the ice cream without reading about what it was supposed to taste like so I could see what I genuinely thought. Upon my first bite, I didn't really taste much of anything besides creamy vanilla ice cream, but as a few seconds passed I did get a fruity hint from the chocolate. I don't like fruit, so I couldn't pinpoint something specific that I could compare it to, however I can say it tasted refreshing and tropical. I can definitely imagine myself eating this on the beach with the sun beaming on my skin and the wind blowing through my hair. 

I would say, if you want something that is stereotypically "chocolatey" I don't know if this would satisfy those cravings. The chocolate did not have the same richness and chocolatey flavor that many are used to from milk and dark chocolate. 

Where Can You Buy It?

Photo Courtesy of Magnum

As of today, Magnum Ruby Minis can be found in packs of six at select retailers and will be available at grocery stores nationwide for $4.99 beginning in February. Beginning on Jan. 26, Magnum Ruby Minis will be available for on-demand delivery through goPuff or via The Ice Cream Shop on Uber Eats, Postmates, Doordash, and Grubhub in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. The rest of the country will see it available for on-demand delivery in the spring.