Parents weekend: that time of the year where you have to pretend like you have your life together for the time that your birth givers are here, and fake that your diet doesn’t consist of vodka with a side of fries. On the bright side, for those of you fortunate enough to have your parents come this weekend, take advantage and GRUB WITH NO LIMITS. Realistically, after going out we won't make it to breakfast - so it's time for brunch.

#1. Two Urban Licks

The first restaurant is not only known for having incredible food, but the location is absolutely perfect. Take advantage of the blessed Atlanta sunny weather and head to the BeltLine located next to Ponce City Market, then make your way to Two Urban Licks. With indoor and outdoor seating, it is a breathtaking scenery that accompanies outstanding food. The ambiance is a perfect, relaxing setting and also beautifully decorated with a mixture of steel and wood. For those beer fanatics, the restaurant brews its own and incorporates the machines into the decoration of the place.

What to Order: Never in my life have I had better pancakes. Period. Every single bite you take is a fluffy delight. Although I am not a huge fan of peach syrup, it is incredible. The balance between the saltiness of the buttermilk pancakes with the sweetness of the peach syrup on top makes for a better pairing than Ryan Gosling and Blake Lively - and that’s hard to beat. Side these creations from heaven with a portion of their outstanding smokey bacon and you’ll never want to leave. If you want to go for more of a lighter option, accompany their delicious wild mushroom frittata with scrambled eggs for super yummy and healthy alternatives.

If you can’t make it to brunch, they also have a fantastic dinner available. My recommendation is to go in for their flat iron steak smeared in chimichurri with a side of wood fired grilled vegetables. If I could, I would literally inject this meal in my veins - no joke.

#2. The Southern Gentleman

This second restaurant is located in the bougiest area of Buckhead– The Shops at Buckhead. Make yourself feel fancy, walk past Hermés, and get ready to eat some amazing, classic Southern food during brunch at The Southern Gentleman. The restaurant is located on the top floor of a building with stores too expensive for my budget. If available, I highly recommend to sit outside and enjoy the fresh breeze as you overlook the sunny city. The place is elegantly decorated with wooden furniture, accented by modern touches such as dangling lights, marble tops, and lots of greenery.

What to Order: Make sure to wear extra-large pants when you go here because it's impossible to not order their buttermilk fried chicken and skillet pancake with a side of house-cured bacon and bourbon pecan syrup. Can you catch the pattern that I like pancakes and waffles? Yeah. It’s an issue. For the sweet tooth lovers reading this, definitely order the skillet cinnamon roll to start off. This warm, sugary pastry comes in a skillet straight from the oven and audibly made me go “holy sh*t”. If you lean more towards salty plates, their pimento cheese omelet is packed with cheesy goodness and bacon that will make you want to come back for more.

As a massive plus, just in case the night before wasn’t enough, they have a lovely bar in the center of the restaurant where you can get a couple of mimosas on your parents' card - just remember to bring your ID ;) . Take your drink outside and socialize with your parents on the outside terrace overlooking the prettiest part of Atlanta.

#3. First Watch

Lastly, this restaurant is much closer to the Emory campus, coming in handy for those last minute “I don’t know where to go you pick” situations. The way I would describe both the ambiance of the area and the food there is definitely a "home away from home" vibe. First Watch serves comfort food in a comfortable setting, where you can go in a pair of sweats and just enjoy quality time with the people you love.

What to Order: I promise, this time I’m not going to suggest pancakes (although, they are so good). When I say they have an EXTENSIVE menu, I’m talking double-sided/giant-poster-paper/bible-length/line-at-the-old-DUC-sized menu. If you are a picky eater, this is the perfect place for you. No matter who I am with, everyone always finds something that they’ll enjoy. Personally, there is no way I can go there and not order their Million Dollar Bacon. These giant pieces of bacon covered in maple syrup, brown sugar, cayenne, and black pepper just hit every right point. As a second plate, I love getting their truffled wild mushroom frittata. The mixture of shiitake mushrooms with eggs, topped with arugula and garlic-herb cream cheese is heaven in every bite. I choose to accompany it with a bowl of fruit, so this plate is more on the healthy side, but still leaves you satisfied with your meal.

Hands down, brunch is the best meal of the day. Not only do you get to sleep in instead of having to be woken up by those horrible alarms, but you can technically eat as much as you can since you are ~making up for two meals~ instead of just one. Portion control? Never heard of her. So while your parents are here, take advantage of both get to know places around Atlanta and enjoy quality food. And a plus to adventuring out? Save. Those. Meal. Swipes. Or just annoy a freshman to swipe you in...whatever floats your boat!