Introducing the ultimate Big Mouth Drinking Game! Ladies and gentlemen, public service announcement– Big Mouth Season 3 has just been released on Netflix. I don’t know about you guys, but my exams can wait: I’m binge-watching. Unfortunately, my friends want to go out tonight. Therefore, I’ve found a way to mix my heinous addiction to this tv show while still making an appearance in the real world. So grab your biggest bottles of cheap vodka and beer, rally your squad, put on your clubbing outfit, and MULTITASK BABY! It’s time to play….

#1. Take a shot every time a character falls in love with an inanimate object.


#2. Give out a drink every time they say something HELLA controversial.

We love a show that starts beef.

#3. Pop a shotgun when someone questions their sexuality.

We love discovering our identities.

#4. Someone got a new hormone monster??? CHUG.

#5. Take 2 shots every time you relate to the show.

Because honestly, it wouldn’t be funny if we didn’t go through these awkward pre teen years ourselves, so black out until you forget what it was like to see your first armpit hair appear.

Alright, alright. Just so we’re safe, take a 5 minute break and get some water. At the end of the day, we do want you to make it out to the club, so pace yourself and brace yourself for 5 more rules!

#6. Gulp down a drink every time a character can’t, um, ~control their hormones~...if you know what I mean....

#7. The tweens shared a kiss? Smooch the bottle.

#8. One of your favorite dead celebrities appears as a ghost? Bottoms up in their honor.

#9. Play a round of rage cage every time one of the kids goes on a raging rant.

We're all about the mood swings! You can count on the girls for this one. 

#10. And finally, drink until there’s no alcohol left.

The show is finished, and your beverage should be too.  

If you aren’t pretty gone by this point, you’re definitely not paying attention. This show is hysterical and if you haven’t seen it yet, hop on the trend and start it. But BEWARE, you won’t be able to stop!

Since our teenage years are just a cycle of emotions, why not use this Big Mouth Drinking Game for every season - because let's be honest, you're nuts if you don't rewatch this comedic gold. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end - see you next round at Season 4!