Campus dining halls do not have the healthiest options. In fact, they don't actually have many good options at all. So when you're tired of eating the same, unhealthy, sort-of-edible food over and over again, take a look at this list of healthy restaurants in Atlanta. I promise it'll help. 

1. Recess

Recess is located in Krog Street Market, a must-try food hall. While being the healthiest option there, it is truly one of the best. On its menu you can order bowls, salads, and avocado toast: the essentials. 

What you should order: Try their Darjeeling Express bowl, complete with rice pilaf, a yogurt spread, peach chutney, and puffed rice!

2. True Food Kitchen 

Yes, True Food Kitchen is a chain. But I consider it a to specifically be an Emory student institution since its location in Atlanta is located right next to Lenox Mall (It's the restaurant outside that isn't Cheesecake Factory). Its unique menu boasts flatbread pizzas made from fresh ingredients, tons of sea food options, and healthy sandwiches– including ones with quinoa patties. 

What you should order: You have to try their grilled chicken avocado wrap, which is served on a pita and comes with hummus, tomato, and mozzarella. What more is there to want?

3. Cafe Sunflower

Vegans, this one is for you. Cafe Sunflower's locations in Sandy Springs and Buckhead are famous for having a 100% vegan menu. This includes black bean quesadillas, sweet and sour soy chicken, and eggplant lasagna. Bring all of your friends and convert them into being vegans. Or at least show them that vegan food can be good too.

What you should order: Definitely their quinoa paella! It is stuffed with an assortment of vegetables such as zucchini, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, and asparagus, so you can have a delicious meal while feeling good about yourself for eating all of your veggies. 

4. Souper Jenny

Souper Jenny considers itself a fast, healthy food option with take-out and three locations in Atlanta. The menu changes every week, and the food is made fresh daily, and includes a selection of salads, sandwiches, and, of course, soups. 

What you should order: My favorite thing I've tried there was their black bean burger, which came with pepper jack cheese and cilantro mayo. To my surprise, it tasted better than many beef burgers I've had. 

5. Farm Burger 

bun, bacon, cheese, beef
Krizza Santucci

Yes, a burger place is on this list. No, I didn't make a mistake. Farm Burger prides itself on serving local, fresh ingredients. All of their beef burgers are grass-fed, and they even have housemade vegan burgers and Impossible Burgers on the menu, making it a healthier option for Atlantans. 

What you should order: I believe chicken is the supreme meat option, which is why I always order the chicken burger at Farm Burger. This burger comes with gouda, kale slaw, and onions, making it a unique, and oh so delicious, meal. 

The next time you're looking to change up your food routine and want to find healthy restaurants in Atlanta, look no further than this list. You won't be disappointed.