As we move our shorts to the back of our closets and begin to think about Thanksgiving festivities just a week away, we can get excited for the delicious foods of fall and winter. Nothing reminds me more of my kitchen at home than a steaming hot bowl of soup.

You don’t need to cook in your communal dorm kitchen in order to have delicious soup while you’re in college, as there are many restaurants near campus with great soups on the menu. Additionally, both Cox and the DUC serve soup everyday. Here is my list of the top nine must-slurp soups for fall and winter that will keep you warm and satisfied in these upcoming chilly months.

1. Matzoh Ball Soup
Run, don’t walk to the The General Muir in Emory Point to get one of the finest matzoh ball soups out there. It doesn’t need to be Passover and you don’t need to be Jewish to enjoy this bowl of perfection. The soft, tasty ball is the hero of the dish, but the salty, dill garnished broth completes the soup perfectly.


Photo by Madison Mounty

2. Chicken Noodle Soup
You may know this one better as “Jewish Penicillin.” The minute you feel the chill of winter, or experience your first sniffle of the season, have some of this soup and you will immediately feel better. Pick it up from Bagel Palace and you won’t be disappointed.

3. Butternut Squash Soup
This sweet, nutritious soup will help you to embrace fall tastes and colors, and will always leave you wanting more. Look out for when this soup is served at Cox!

4. Mushroom Barley Soup
While this one may not seem like a comfort food, it will warm you up on any chilly day. It is also a great choice if you’re looking for a lower-calorie option, as it is full of vegetables and filling barley. Head to Alon’s in the Virginia Highlands for this yummy soup.

5. Tomato Basil Soup
Pair this with some grilled cheese for the perfect fall lunch. Corner Cafe in Buckhead serves up a great one.

6. French Onion Soup
Ask the chef to remove the bread to make it a healthier option! While you might be headed there for the filet mignon, Bones has a delicious French onion soup to start off your meal.

7. Mushroom Soup
Although this creamy soup is not diet-friendly, its rich taste makes it a delicious dinner. You don’t have to go far to get this one, as you can get a vegetarian “Wild Mushroom” soup at Fresh To Order in Emory Point.

8. Chili
A perfect meal for Sundays spent watching football, you can add canned beans to the soup to fill it with protein. Grab some of “My Dad’s Turkey Chili” at Souper Jenny in either Decatur or Buckhead.


Photo by Madison Mounty

9. Miso Soup
Head to True Food Kitchen in Buckhead to try their twist on this wonderful Japanese classic.

Learn to make delicious soups yourself here: