As exciting as it is, Ponce City Market can be overwhelming if you’re trying to tackle it for the first time… where do you start? This tried and true guide to Ponce City Market enables you to get a taste of all Ponce has to offer in one day. So mark a day (a full one) on your calendars, grab a friend, and get excited!


10:00 - Start the day off right by each grabbing a small coffee from Spiller Park. It’s roasted to order, single origin, and fair-trade and I swear you can truly taste it.   ($4)

10:15 - While sippin’ on your joe, hop on over to Lucky Lotus for a refreshing acai bowl! If you’re trying to save, split the bowl – it’s plenty filling for two people. (split = $3.50)

10:30 - Five Daughter's Bakery is a must! Their famous one hundred layer croissant-style donuts are most definitely made in heaven. Choose one of these decadent babies (definitely the hardest part) to split with your friend. They're always cycling new seasonal flavors– my friend just tried the Lemon Blueberry and fell in love. (split = $2.25 - $2.50)

Late Morning Activity

Take your delicious goods with you up to the Belt Line and sit and eat/drink on the bench steps while observing all the different Atlantans riding, running, or walking by. Who knows, if you hit it at the right time, you might catch the man who plays jazz on his trumpet! After eating, take this chance to walk along the Belt Line for a leisurely late-morning stroll. 


12:30 - Start lunch off with a bite at Minero! This authentic Mexican restaurant inspired by award-winning chef Arnaldo Castillo features an array of delicious Mexican cuisine, but I must say, in my slightly biased opinion, that their tacos reign supreme. Truly some of the best that I've ever tried! I recommend each buying one taco to save money, and more importantly, room for more delicious food! ($5)

1:30 - Lunch isn't over yet! Next stop, H&F Burger! Run by another award-winning chef, Linton Hopkins, these acclaimed burgers and fries will knock your socks off. Choose a burger to split with your friend (that's why you brought them!

) to save some money yet still enjoy the burger. (split = $5-6)


While the wonderful food is digesting, walk around all the stores that Ponce has to offer. Ponce has all kinds of shops to peak every kind of interest, so you're sure to not get bored. Two go-to shops to visit when you're wanting an afternoon munch are Williams Sonoma and Root Baking Co.! Not only is Williams Sonoma fun to browse and envision the kitchen you always wished you had, but it always offers an amazing array of FREE samples and they're always delicious! Also, besides smelling like heaven, Root Baking Co. bakes the most amazing hunks of glutenous goodness (aka bread), and they have free samples there as well! 


6:00 - Now, you've walked around and you've worked up an appetite and are ready for a nice, sit-down meal. Here are two different sit-down options to pick from, depending on what you're in the mood for: 

Brezza Cucina 

This gourmet restaurant incorporates the authentic Italian flavors with bold and exciting southern flavors, and the amalgamation is beautiful. It's a little on the pricier side, but every once in a while, we deserve to feel like we're dining with the stars. (about $20)

W.H. Stiles Fish Camp

Offering only the freshest and most local seafood from the south, this casual but classy fish shack has a certificate of excellence, and for a reason: they have an array of delicious food and you truly can't go wrong, but they are famed for their outstanding Po' boys, Vietnamese crispy fish salad,  lobster rolls. This place is also a little on the pricey side, but I promise you'll get what you pay for! (about $12-$16)


Whether there's space left in your stomach or not, with all the different dessert varieties, you can't miss it! If you're indecisive like me, I recommend choosing both of these dessert options and going half and half with your friend!  


If you're one of those people that believe that the cookie dough is better than the cookie itself, this place is for you. Serving a multitude of unique and funky flavors, along with the die-hard classics, Batter has an edible(!!) cookie dough flavor for everyone! (split = $2)


You scream, I scream for . . . gelato!! I know it doesn't rhyme, but after one taste of this gourmet, handcrafted creation, you'll understand. The smooth, creamy consistency and the down-to-earth, intense flavors will surely incite an involuntary groan of satisfaction because your taste buds are about to go crazy. (split = $2)


If you still have some energy for fun, Ponce City Market offers a fun attraction called Skyline Park on their roof! They have fun slides and rides, mini golf, carnival-style games, a bar, and more food!

At Ponce City Market, the food and fun are never-ending, and you could truly spend forever in that wonderland. If you, like me, don't have forever, use this guide to get a good taste for what Ponce offers!