When I first came across New Territories while scrolling down my social media, I knew I had to check it out. So did this place live up to it's hype? I went to check it out and I will provide you with the inside scoop. 

The Menu

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Hannah Freiberg

New Territories is a dessert shop on the Lower East Side that has bubble waffles, ice cream and the Unicorn Parade milkshake. These treats are all based on desserts from Hong Kong.

The Unicorn Parade Milkshake

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Hannah Freiberg

The first option off the menu I tried was the unicorn parade milkshake. The Unicorn Parade milkshake has vanilla ice cream, ube, and it's topped with marshemellows, pocky sticks, whipped cream and fruit pebble dust. Plus, the rim is decorated with rainbow sprinkles. My first reaction was how pretty the milkshake was. It was topped with heart shaped marshemellows and even had an edible butterfly. The milkshake itself was delicious. The ice cream was from Van Leeuwen ice cream, which has mulptiple locations in NYC and LA, was sweet and creamy. I chose not to order mine with ube, which is a purple yam. This milkshake was definitely worth the hype.

Bubble Waffles

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Hannah Freiberg

New Territories also has a selection of bubble waffles. I tried the Prince Edward which is a classic waffle with vanilla bean ice cream, nutella, peanuts, and whipped cream. The waffle had a great consistency and was super flavorful. The ice cream went perfectly with the waffle and nutella. I was very happy with my choice in waffle. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are in NYC you should definitely try New Territories. They have delicious bubble waffles and of course their milkshake is amazing. There are constantly new dessert shops popping up in NYC, and New Territories is one that is worth a visit. I can't wait to see what sweet creations they will create in the future. Plus, it's all insta worthy.