Known as Carrie Bradshaw's real life backyard, the West Village has so much more to offer than larger-than-life brownstones, mimosa-centric brunches, and health food. You just have to know where to look.

Luckily for you, I've already searched up and down Bleeker Street for some of the best restaurants in New York City's prettiest neighborhood.

1. When you want to feel like Gwyneth Paltrow: The Butcher's Daughter

bread, cheese
Beatrice Forman

Okay, so maybe we all can't be Gwyneth Palthrow, but sometimes, we get pretty damn close. Decorated like the inside of an upscale florist, The Butcher's Daughter makes you feel all the right kinds of bougie. The food satisfies both your inner #healthkween and junk food addict, with smoothies that taste like milkshakes and bomb avocado toast.

2. When you need them Instagram likes: Bluestone Lane

toast, balsamic
Beatrice Forman

The camera always eats first at Bluestone Lane. Everything is aesthetically pleasing, from the flatware to the hunky Australian drinking a flat white next to you. When you're not busy captioning your next Insta post, order all the good carbs. (You know, waffles and baguettes.)

3. When you want all the things at once: Monument Lane

toast, chicken
Beatrice Forman

Yo Jacob's Pickles, I'mma let you finish, but Monument Lane has the best brunch of all time. With the cutest atmosphere west of 42nd street, this brunch institution is perfect for entertaining friends and family. The menu is incredibly versatile, boasting equally amazing fried chicken and breakfast bowls.

4. When you want savory and sweet at once: The Doughnut Project

Beatrice Forman

Have you ever thought about combining everything bagels and doughnuts but were too lazy to fry one up yourself? Yeah, me too. Luckily, the Doughnut Project has already done it for you. This isn't their only cool fusion. They also offer adult twists on your favorite breakfast/snack/dessert so you can feel civilized when you have a little glaze on your cheek.

5. When you're vegan, but also want ice cream: Van Leeuwen

cream, ice, waffle, wafer
Beatrice Forman

A ice cream shop that plays bangin' R&B music and serves up some of the best vegan ice cream? You must be trippin'.

Van Leeuwen is the love child of your quirky, health-conscious neighbor and a rapper with a whole lot of swag. It's two parts aesthetically pleasing, two parts eccentric and all around (mostly) vegan. While they do offer regular flavors, Van Leeuwen is know for their all-natural, dairy free concoctions. The secret? It's all about cashew milk.

6. When you need to unleash your inner Cookie Monster: Milk & Cookies Bakery

crumble, cobbler, cake, cranberry, blueberry
Gabrielle Scelzo

At Milk & Cookies, the cookie never crumbles. Each delectable treat has the perfect consistency, toeing the line between too crunchy and too soft. Also, just look at that chocolate porn. Can't make it to Commerce Street? They have some of the best delivery in NYC.

7. When you want all the tacos: Tacombi

salad, avocado, slaw
Beatrice Forman

Can't escape to Mexico? Have no fear, Tacombi is here. Decorated like Wes Anderson's version of a Mexican restaurant, Tacombi might just be the cutest restaurant ever. The tacos are delicious, the horchata is sweet, and the esquites are perfectly corny. Need I say more?

8. When nachos just aren't enough: Cowgirl

nachos, cheese, sauce, pasta
Beatrice Forman

This, my friends, is a Frito pie (aka nachos on steroids) and it's about to change your life. A southern favorite and Cowgirl's signature dish, frito pies take everyone's favorite crunchy chip and mix it with chilli, beef, and all the cheese. Yeah, it may not be the prettiest pie on the block, but surely you know life's golden rule: Never judge a pie by its cover.