It is officially August, which means it is time to get ready to go back to school. School may have been out of session over the summer, but the Nashville food scene never stops growing. I have curated a list of new restaurants to try in Nashville whether you are returning to the city or simply visiting. 

1. Caviar & Bananas 

Arguably the most exciting and versatile addition to the Nashville food scene, this eatery in the new Aertson Midtown (where many students will be living) has the potential to change every mealtime in Midtown. 

The expansive menu is exactly what the area is missing. From custom salads and sandwiches, to a prepared foods counter, to frosé (frozen rosé), Caviar & Bananas is a one-stop-shop located next to Vandy's campus. Did I mention they have kombucha on tap? 

2. Henley

Henley is Aertson's upscale restaurant. It is a southern-inspired brasserie. The menu may be a little fancy for my juvenile tastebuds (there's lots of duck and scary things like bone marrow), but it is a good choice for parents weekend. 

3. Biscuit Love 

I know what your thinking. Biscuit Love is not new. What is new is their location in Hillsboro. Just when you thought the shared storefront of The Grilled Cheeserie and Juice Bar couldn't get any better, Biscuit Love opened in the same building. Excuse me while I wash biscuits and grilled cheese down with green juice. 

4. Tansuo

I never realized, but Nashville doesn't really have any upscale Chinese food, or any Chinese food for that matter. Tansuo is bringing modern Chinese-style food (think Mr. Chow, I hope) to the South. They have something for everyone and are located in the Gulch. 

5. Lulu 

Lulu is a new, all-day eatery in Germantown with light and airy decor. Their menu seems a bit limited, but boasts toasts and a nice array of salads. That being said, according to Instagram they have free vegan ice cream, Mexican chocolate and mocha. They also have a very photogenic interior. 


Eio & The Hive has a veggie/ hippie/ yoga vibe. It is run by the same people as Acme, so you know it's gonna be good. Everything here is organic, locally sourced, and delicious. Shall I go on?

Their menu contains Elixirs, one of which features Blue Algae from Lake Kamath, Oregon. Can't make that up. Go look at the menu. I feel like Vanderbilt students will not be opposed to a health food restaurant that serves ailment curing remedies.

They also have build your own broth and Buddha Bowls loaded with veggies (for when the Rand bowl line is too long, perhaps). Nashville does not have many great salad options, so these bowls might do the trick.  

Get your parents weekend and move-in reservations while they're hot. There are constantly new restaurants to try in Nashville, these being some of the hottest and newest. Remember, planning your meals is more important than planning your class schedule. #prioritize