It's not often that you come across something as beautiful and pure as a food truck that serves grilled cheese, and it's even more miraculous for that food truck to open a storefront. The Grilled Cheeserie Meltshop that now stands in Hillsboro Village is one of the greatest new stops in Nashville, and I was able to check it out on opening day. Below are some of the reasons I'll be heading back for more during my last few months in Nashville. 

The aesthetics are on point. 

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Mary Beth Schatzman

Not only is their lighting within totally insta-worthy, they successfully transitioned their brand as a food truck into their brand as a storefront. The black and white exterior and white lighting inside reflects a new and welcome trend in Nashville, and it immediately psyches you up for the great food that's about to come. 

The food is insanely good. 

Mary Beth Schatzman

The Grilled Cheeserie has something for almost every dietary need and culinary desire. The shop has vegan cheese and gluten-free bread, in addition to dozens of other toppings and sandwich fillings. On my first trip, I sampled the spinach artichoke grilled cheese and the roasted red pepper soup, but I'm very excited to try the pimento mac 'n' cheese grilled cheese and the harvest melt on my next visit. Every menu choice will be tough with such a great and extensive menu. 

Two words: milkshake bar. 

Mary Beth Schatzman

Just when you thought the Grilled Cheeserie couldn't get any better, they went and installed a milkshake bar complete with soda floats, vegan milkshakes, and milkshakes like "The Hopscotch" complete with butterscotch syrup and caramelized bananas. It's the perfect complement to any meal. If you're looking for something with more of a buzz, look to their coffee soda floats (coffee provided by Crema) or their Double Dutch milkshake made with a Jackalope Snowman Stout ganache. 

With all of these phenomenal options on the table, I'll be heading back for more in the months to come and sampling the entire menu.