If you haven't heard about the Bowls at Rand, you probably don't go to Vandy. The line for Bowls has put Leaf and Randwiches to shame, extending all the way to the back windows of the dining hall. It's for good reason though, since Bowls offers everything you could want in a well-balanced meal.

kale, spinach
Rachel Labarre

At Bowls, you choose a grain, a meat (that is actually edible and delicious), and some toppings (like sweet potatoes, chickpeas, cheese, and beans). Finally, you top it off with some arugula, kale, or avocado, and maybe a light dressing and pumpkin seeds. Like I said, everything you could ever want in a well-balanced lunch.

vegetable, spinach, salad
Rachel Labarre

It's truly every level of the food pyramid in one, and your stomach won't be growling an hour later either. You get some real protein with the meat or beans that will last you for the rest of the day. The vegetable options are actually fresh and juicy. For grains, try out the quinoa or freekeh. Add in some dairy with your cheese choice, then throw it all together and the flavor is actually good. Did you ever think Rand would see this day?

So maybe spending the extra few minutes in the daunting line is worth it this time. Sorry, Leaf, you've been seriously replaced.