If you've been avoiding social media, you might have missed the extreme milkshake craze originated by BlackTap.  This NYC burger chain is known for their over-the-top milkshakes and long lines. However, their newest limited-time menu addition is bound to start an Instagram obsession of its own. BlackTap will be selling their own candy take on frosé until July 30. 

Just when you thought that your favorite millennial pink drink couldn't get any better, BlackTap introduces their version of the classic summer favorite. For those that already think frosé is basic, this new version is not for you. The "crazy frosé" ups its millennial status by using White Girl Rosé the brainchild of the Fat Jew and White Girl Problems.

For people not familiar with the brand, White Girl Rosé was launched in summer 2015 after the people behind White Girl Problems heard about a rosé shortage in the Hamptons. It's a sweet and dry rosé with a hint of citrus. The name alone has already given the brand many devoted fans and their rosé now even comes in a canned version.

However, it wouldn't be a BlackTap drink if they stopped at just blended rosé. This drink will be the center of your next Instagram with its vanilla-frosted Nerds rim, Swedish fish, sour watermelon patches, a candy necklace, peach rings, and a whirly pop. It, also, might be your dentist's worst nightmare.

We all know extreme frosé is the new milkshake, so don't miss out on this limited-time drink. BlackTap has five locations to choose from and you can usually find a shorter line at any of their newer locations which includes their newest one on the Lower East Side. If you are really committed to your Instagram, they'll even let you take food outside to photograph. (Disclaimer: I do not recommend bringing alcohol outside of any restaurant.) Rosé all day has never looked better.