Nando’s is the king of grilled chicken and we all know it. This South African and Portuguese inspired restaurant has over thirty locations in the DMV area and Chicago, Illinois. Perfect for hungry college students in the area. At these U.S. locations, you can find the iconic PERi-PERi sauces that come in Lemon and Herb, Garlic, Medium, Hot, and Extra Extra Hot levels of flavor and spice. These sauces are so beloved by people that they are available for purchase at stores and online. Nando’s recently released an addition to their incredible line of PERi-PERi sauces that are smothered on the chicken before serving. Introducing: Nando’s PERi-PERi VUSA sauce, the restaurant’s hottest item yet.  

Mikaela Smith

Nando’s spiciest addition is packed with flavor, but also intense heat:

The sauce is inspired by the word ‘Vusa,’ meaning ‘excitement and fire’ in Zulu, and contains more chilies than the restaurant's previously spiciest sauce, PERi-PERi XX Hot. PERi-PERi VUSA still contains the delicious, memorable flavors of garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil that permeate the powerful presence of heat. 

Mikaela Smith

This sauce pairs well with any meal on the menu, from chicken with sides to salads. For people with gluten restrictions, Nando's salads are a great way to enjoy the food with a delicious kick of spice and less worry. VUSA heightens the playing field with any dish, but only if you can handle it. 

This is new condiment is only for serious spice-lovers. While all the other sauces from Nando’s are manageable in heat level and just downright delicious, the VUSA sauce is fierce. While maintaining an appetizing palette of flavors, VUSA achieves a new level of heat for Nando’s, resembling a ghost pepper kick and lasting burn. It is not for the faint-hearted or weak-willed.

I visited a D.C. location to try out the new sauce. I poured some on the side of my usual order because I am not adventurous enough to go further than Hot with my Nando's. The experience was shocking since I really did not think that Nando's would be able to market and sell such a spicy sauce. I expected a heavy vinegar based sauce with a little kick, like most hot sauces. That was not the case here, though. This sauce was very spicy. The hot sauce had actual flavor and what was marketed is what you got. Nando's PERi-PERi condiments are known for their great flavor profiles, not necessarily for being spicy. It was delightful to see them achieve a new level of heat that would satisfy a larger consumer base. 

If you have been craving a spicier condiment at Nando's, then this is definitely the one to be adding to your order of flame-grilled chicken or PERi-PERi chips. Just make sure to test out the sauce before dousing it over your chicken, if you dare be that confident in your strength.  The VUSA PERi-PERi, however, is not available for purchase on Amazon and still is not listed as one of "Nando's PERi-PERi sauces" on their website. It is clear that they are still piloting this sauce in select locations. Be one of the first to try it and see if it is for you.This new condiment is now available at all D.C. and Chicago locations.