Ah, those holy golden arches that call all fast food lovers. McDonald's is a global icon, to say the least. From ordering a chicken nugget Happy Meal as a kid, to ordering a Big Mac with an Oreo McFlurry as a late night college meal, we all know this place too well. Let's just say that the experience is about to reach a whole new level of, well, for lack of a better word, awesomeness. 

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Photo courtesy of McDonalds

Starting soon, McDonald's is releasing a few of their favorite sauces to grocery stores for people to buy and use at home on their own food. Three sauces are going to be released: the Big Mac, McChicken, and Filet-O-Fish sauces. Some McDonald's sauce on freshly made cod? I think yes! Also, think of the dining hall potential. It's time to make a frozen hockey puck of a burger taste a little more like a Big Mac.

Although this is joyous news, there's a slight catch. At least for now, the sauces are only going to be sold in Canada (I know...). So the line of cars at the Canadian border is probably going to be a little longer this coming spring when the sauce hits the shelves. 

This is not the first time McDonald's has sold its famous sauces to customers. Earlier this year, select locations in the United states distributed 10,000 bottles of the Big Mac sauce. This was the first real release of McDonald's sauce in bottled from. Some of the ones that weren't immediately eaten were listed on eBay anywhere from $20 to $10,000

After reading this article, I'm sure you're going to hop in your car and drive to the Canadian border - I know I will. We can only hope these sauces are a huge success Canada and move a little further south to the US! Once again, those golden arches have given us another item to freak out about and this one is going to be huge.