Ah, the glorious Golden Arches. Aside from their drool-worthy French fries and McNugget meals, Mickey D's is also known for their hit-the-spot McFlurries. With M&M and Oreo being the top flavor combos, people go insane for these cool treats. However, McDonald's fans nationwide are building up a fury, as it seems the McFlurry machine is always out of commission—so we did some investigating. 

The Problem

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Alex Frank

The reasons for the out-of-commission ice cream machines (and therefore the McFlurries), vary from it being "broken down" to it "being cleaned." However, we do know that, more often than not, they are not working when we want them to (which is all the time, am I right?). 

McDonald's employees chimed in on a viral McFlurry argument saying that (most of the time) when they say the machine is down, they are referring to it being on "defrost mode". They say that this is a health precaution because the defrost mode uses chemicals that shouldn't be ingested.

Others remark that the machine is simply shut down at a certain hour; however employees recognize the disappointment that comes along with telling a customer no, and McDonald's has finally found the solution. 

The Solution

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Alex Frank

This issue brought on a viral dispute all over the cyber world. McDonald's recognized this issue and finally decided to source the problem and put it to death. Lucky for McFlurry fans worldwide, brand new machines are making their way to restaurants in the US and Europe, which could be life-changing. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that the new machines are going to have fewer parts and be easier to maintain, which will (hopefully) mean less "broken machines" and a quicker turn-around time for cleaning mechanisms. 

This means you'll be wasting less time sitting in the drive-thru (only to be told that the treat you've been longing for is not available),  and more time devouring that M&M McFlurry you deserve. Sounds like an awesome plan.