Who are we kidding, we all know McDonald's isn't the healthiest of foods out there. However, just how unhealthy is it? From fried McNuggets, to layers of juicy beef patties, smothered with cheese, the calories start to pile up quickly. Whether you're looking to avoid the unhealthiest foods on the McD's menu, or just the opposite, let this be your guide to 10 of the most caloric items on the menu.

10. Large Fries: 510 Calories

ketchup, salt, potato, french fries
Alex Frank

With 510 calories and 24 grams of fat, Mickey D's French fries come in hot as #10 on our list of unhealthy foods. Accompany these large fries with a juicy Big Mac, and you'll ring in just over 1,000 calories. 

9. Southwest Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Salad: 520 Calories

vegetable, chicken, meat, lettuce, salad
Alex Frank

I know what you're thinking... a salad?? Well, hate to break it to you, but ordering a few leaves piled high with fried chicken, Doritos, and full-fat ranch dressing, is more caloric than a regular cheeseburger. Yikes.

8. Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McGriddle: 550 Calories

cake, pastry, cream, sweet
Alex Frank

Oh no, maybe I should just stop here. McGriddles are my go-to breakfast and now I know they occupy more than 30 percent of my recommended daily calorie intake. I can only imagine how many calories are in the Chicken McGriddle... too bad its not officially on the menu. 

7. McFlurry with M&Ms: 620 Calories

dairy, ice, coffee, chocolate, milkshake, yogurt, sweet, milk, cream
Alex Frank

Honestly, when I pulled up to the drive-thru I was expecting the friendly worker at the window to tell me, "the McFlurry machine is down." But to my joyful surprise, today it was up and running, and me and my friends got to bask in 620 calories of McFlurry glory.

6. Double Quarter Pounder W/ Cheese: 730 Calories

hamburger bun, lettuce, cheese, beef, french fries, ketchup, sandwich, bread, bun, hamburger
Alex Frank

I'm not kidding, I could practically do bicep curls with this burger. This rock of a burger was a major weight at the bottom of my Mickey D's brown paper bag. Two 1/4 pound, juicy patties, two slices of American cheese, and all the necessary toppings; all nestled between two sesame seed buns.

Certainly tasty, but at a cost of almost 1/2 my recommended daily caloric intake, I'll pass.

5. Large McCafé® Chocolate Chip Frappé: 750 Calories

hot chocolate, cream, mocha, espresso, chocolate, cappuccino, milk, coffee
Alex Frank

Oh boy. Next time I need my kick of caffeine, I'll be steering far away from any Frappé. I always knew they were a close relative to a tasty milkshake, however 750 calories, all for a drink?! I'd rather use those elsewhere (large fry, looking at you). No shame though if this is the drink that gets you up in the morning. 

4. Large Shamrock Shake: 820 calories

chocolate, tea, coffee, sweet, cream, ice, milk
Alex Frank

Number four should be more appropriately titled "any large milkshake," but the Shamrock variety really takes the cake. Order any flavor milkshake, in a large, and expect 800+ calories blended and topped with a heap of whipped cream, all in a McCafé cup.

3. Grand Mac: 860 Calories

hamburger, beef, cheese, egg, bun
Alex Frank

This new addition to the Big Mac lineup was the inspiration behind my investigation of the Mickey D's nutritional menu. This grand addition has 61 percent more beef than the already beefy original Big Mac, so you know this burger means business. And by business, we mean 860 calories, to be exact.

2. 20 Piece McNuggets: 890 calories

pastry, sweet
Alex Frank

OK, duh. Anyone ordering 20 pieces of fried chicken should expect this, if not more. But, for those of you interested in the facts anyways, 20 delightful McNuggets = 890 Calories = nearly 1/2 (of at least my) daily caloric intake. I think I'll opt for the 10 piece instead.

1. Big Breakfast w/ HotCakes: 1080 Calories

pastry, cake, bread, sweet
Alex Frank

To my dismay, when I rolled through the closest McD's window, the Big Breakfast was not being served. I settled for the hot cakes breakfast instead, as it (pictured above) is similar to the big breakfast, only lacking a biscuit and side of scrambled eggs.

This big and bold breakfast tops our list of most caloric Mickey D's items at a whopping 1,080 calories and 57 g of fat. Not sure I'd be able to move after consuming all of that early in the morning, though. 

And there you have it, 10 of the most caloric items that occupy the McDonald's menu. With unique menus to each market, we wonder how the international items stack up to the USA's. Knowing that America is known to have some pretty big portions, however, I'm guessing other countries don't quite beat this list. But hey, McD's is freaking delicious and sometimes you just need a good juicy burger with a side of fries.