McDonalds, Mickey D's, whatever you want to call it — one thing we do know is that this fast food chain has been one of the World's most booming businesses for a long time running. Aside from the Big Mac and their addictive French fries, McDonald's has been trying to find the next big thing.

First, they opened up their breakfast menu to be served all day (power move), and now, they are testing out one revolutionary item to be added to it: The Chicken McGriddle.

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Alex Frank

This spin on classic chicken and waffles is a part of regional testing, which is being offered in many places around the US, and I was lucky enough to find one close to where McDonald's all started — Chicago, Illinois. After my initial excitement in finding this coveted item wore off, I gave it the good ol' taste test, and here's the 411.

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Alex Frank

Mildly spicy fried chicken, nestled between two warm and succulently sweet McGriddle buns — I'm drooling just writing this. To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of McDonald's breakfast. However, chicken and waffles has to be one of my favorite comfort foods, and I'm a huge proponent of the salty-sweet combo (pineapple on pizza is a thing don't let anyone else tell you otherwise), so I had to give this a shot. 

chocolate, cream, bread, sweet, pastry, cake
Alex Frank

Oh. My. God. This is seriously life-changing. The first bite of this was one to remember, and you better believe I devoured that little thing in no time. This breakfast on-the-go was sweet and salty with just the perfect amount of spice — and most definitely lives up to the chicken and waffle legacy. The only regret I have was not asking for a side of maple syrup because the fried chicken and bread combo was a bit dry, but certainly delicious. 

So, if you're lucky enough to find that McGriddle sign displayed at a Mickey D's near you, don't let the opportunity pass you by. This portable and tasty breakfast better make it past regional testing, or else it will enter the list of McDonald's items that met the dumpster (Chicken Selects, I miss you dearly); we wouldn't want the world to miss out on this.