I am sure you have heard of the new bakery located on University Boulevard, but have you been inside? It's called WOOPS!. This bakery began in 2012 as a macaron pop-up shop in New York City at the Holiday Shops in Bryant Park. Since then, WOOPS! has expanded throughout the United States creating multiple kiosks and shops. 

Caroline Solomon

So what makes these macarons so special? Their macarons are inspired by "everyday moments" and unique experiences through travel. Some of the unique flavors include strawberry milkshake, peanut butter, old-fashioned Nutella, white chocolate cherry and chocolate chip mint. And they also have a new flavor—lemon tart.

tea, chocolate, macaron, cake
Caroline Solomon

Another thing that makes WOOPS! so special is their catering. The first time I enjoyed their macarons was at a sisterhood event for my sorority. The delicious and personalized macarons made the event so much more fun.

So, next time you are having an event, make sure to check out WOOPS! bakery for an unforgettable treat. They customize their treats to your liking and it doesn't get better than that.

macaron, cookie, macaroon, chocolate, sweet, meringue
Stefanie Blumer

In addition to their tasty macarons, WOOPS! has a variety of homemade baked goods. Ranging from cookies to croissants to rugula to Belgian Waffles, you cannot go wrong with a treat from WOOPS!

waffle, bread, sweet, croissant
Caroline Solomon

Overall, everything at WOOPS! is delicious and I recommend you go check out this new hot spot as soon as you can.