Mac and Cheese is what many people consider to be their favorite food and an amazing comfort food. Known for its cheesy flavor and consistency, mac and cheese has been a staple food in the diets of both children and adults for years. 

Now at Disney Springs, guests can find a mac and cheese food truck. 

Where Is It?

The mac and cheese truck is located at Exposition Park which is in between Bongos Cuban Cafe and the West Side Starbucks. Disney Springs is also the location of numerous other dining establishments including Raglan Road, Planet Hollywood,  Morimoto Asia, Chef Art Smith's Homecomin', and so many others.

What's On The Menu

On the menu, guests can find twists on the classic comfort food ranging from barbecue brisket all the way to chicken parmesan. In addition to these two, other options include lobster and shrimp, bacon cheeseburger, and six cheese which is topped with cheese puffs. 

The barbecue brisket option consists of cheddar and smoked gouda mac and cheese topped with onion rings and chives. If you would rather have something a bit more Italian, the chicken parmesan mac and cheese comes with creamy parmesan sauce, marinara, mozzarella, and basil. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost varies on which flavor is chosen with the lobster and shrimp being most expensive at $13, followed by the barbecue brisket at $11, the bacon cheeseburger and chicken parmesan at $10, and the six cheese for $8. 

This actually does not seem as expensive compared to other quick service restaurants throughout the Walt Disney World resort and from what it looks like, the portions appear to be generous. 

Guest Reviews

While I have not had the chance to try the mac and cheese yet, I saw some people on Instagram who had different reviews.

Instagram user @beyondthepixiedust said: "I didn’t think I would enjoy the Chicken Parmesan Mac & Cheese but that was my favorite out of the two! Crunchy chicken (aka Disney nuggets) with a really good creamy parmesan sauce, with marinara, and mozzarella🤤 it was just so good!"

Instagram user @MousingaroundDisney said, "Here’s the not very good crunchy mac from the Mac & Cheese Truck in Disney Springs..."

Next time you go to Disney Springs, make sure you stop by this food truck for a bite and see if its worth the hype.