Walt Disney World is known for its popular amusement parks, characters, and dining experiences. The typical person would not generally think of an Irish pub when visiting Disney, but on my most recent trip to Disney I came across Raglan Road and it was a game changer. 

Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant is located at The Landing at Disney Springs and brings the authentic traditions of Ireland to you in Florida. 


From taking the first step into Raglan Road, you are immersed in a gift shop filled with traditional Irish clothes, hats, and namesakes. You can hear the loud footsteps of the Irish dancers coming from the main stage and the sounds of fiddles, flutes, and tin whistles being played live in the background.

The energy of the restaurant is jovial with people clapping, dancing, and singing along to the beat while enjoying a beer or the classic fish and chips. 


Raglan Road is known for their live entertainment from Irish dancers and skilled musicians. The set consists of a mixture of Irish dance routines followed by the performance of classic Irish tunes, and lasts continuously throughout the night. The five dancers take the stage and demonstrate their exquisite footwork through routines, dance battles, and live dance tutorials with children. When the dancers are not performing, three talented musicians take over with their instruments and play tunes that get the whole restaurant on their feet. 

Main Dishes

On my most recent trip to Raglan Road, my family and I tried two of the many dishes from the menu. Let me tell you: that they did not disappoint me.

Raglan Risotto is one of the dishes I tried and it was beyond delicious. This risotto as described on the menu consists of "butternut squash risotto, shiitake mushrooms, parmesan, peas & micro greens with parmesan crisps." Chicken and shrimp can also be added.

The risotto was extremely rich and creamy. The parmesan enhanced the flavor of the risotto and the peas and mushrooms gave it an added crunchy texture that matched perfectly. 

The fish and chips were extremely tasty. The fish was fried to perfection and the chips were perfectly salted and crispy. I put malt on my fries and that made them taste even better. 

The fish and chips came with a side of tartar sauce and it was just the right amount to use a little with each bite. 


Now lets get on to my personal favorite meal which is dessert. The desserts at Raglan Road were incredible and exceeded my expectations. 

Raglan Road is known for their bread and butter pudding so I had to try it.

Ger's bread and butter pudding as the menu says "is like no other you have ever tried.
 Believe us." I believe them, because this was probably the best dessert I have ever had thus far in my life. 

Upon taking my first bite, my taste buds were instantly hit by a buttery sensation mixed with a thick pudding and it was heavenly. It is extremely rich and savory so I recommend that you share it with another person. 

Raglan's Delight was my second favorite dessert I tried because it brought me back to my childhood. Raglan's Delight consists of "raspberry pavlova with vanilla ice cream and raspberry coulis" but in more simple terms it is a raspberry meringue with ice cream. There is just the right amount of raspberry flavor mixed with the ice cream giving it just the perfect taste to finish off a scrumptious meal. 


Pub's tend to have drinks and Raglan Road is the same having a wide selection of drinks to choose from. From bottled beers to signature brews, you are sure to find something you like. 

To view the drink menu, you can click here

Overall Thoughts

I would 10/10 recommend Raglan Road for anyone who is taking a trip down to Walt Disney World. The food, atmosphere, and entertainment call for a great evening with a meal that you will remember forever. If you are not a fan of the loud atmosphere, at least do yourself a favor and try the Ger's bread and butter pudding because you will never taste anything so good again.