We all have that friend constantly trying the newest juice cleanse. We try to be supportive all the while perplexed as to why someone would want to give up chocolate cake and the abundance of delicious Westwood eateries. So though I’m still somewhat unconvinced about the whole juice cleanse fad, I am hooked on juiceries. With so many nearby options, you should be too. Where should you try next?

1. Nékter Juice Bar


Photo by Margaret Huang

It’s hard to walk into this place without seriously considering that maybe you should be eating bananas instead of brownies. This place encompasses all the stereotypes you had about juice bars, from the whip of blenders greeting your ears as you enter, to the fresh veggies perfectly arranged behind the counter.

So what should you try next time you stop by? An Açai Bowl of course. Açai is a purple berry harvested from trees called Açai palms. Something like a mix of a blueberry and grape, these tiny berries are a nutritional mine, containing immense amount of iron, protein and fiber. An added bonus, they’re also low in sugar.

These açai bowls are blended with other fruits and natural sugars in a smoothie-like consistency, and are then topped with fresh granola, agave (similar to honey), and fresh fruit.

2. Pressed Juicery


Photo by Maragaret Huang

Did you know that this place is Los Angeles’s most popular cold pressed juicery chain? It takes six juices from here, drank consistently throughout the day, to complete a one day juice cleanse.

Pressed Juicery offers bottled juices ranging from $3-$9, with juices including ingredients from greens, roots, fruits, and numerous seasonal specialties. Not feeling juice? This place is also known for their cold pressed coffee. In fact, Alfred’s Coffee, a beloved and popular local Los Angeles coffee chain, uses Pressed Juicery’s cold pressed coffee in many of their drinks.

3. Jamba Juice


Photo by Margaret Huang

On the run and in need of a quick pick me up? Stop by Jamba Juice for the ultimate health fix that will leave you both satisfied and filled just in time to make it to that next lecture.

Did you know that only about 11% of all American’s actually consume the recommended percentage of fruits and vegetables daily? Luckily Jamba Juice strives to find convenient, healthy, and delicious ways to help you make sure you get in all of your servings!

Need a suggestion? The Kale Ribbean Breeze: A mix of a berries, mango, passion fruit, and kale with only 320 calories and 23% of your daily dietary fiber.