In my opinion, brunch is the true Great Compromise in our history; it can satisfy any person as it provides a perfect balance between the two best meals of the day. It is a food category of its own, equally trendy and appealing as "linner". There is even a scientific reason why it is such a loved meal. The only problem with it is that it is typically only offered on the weekends in a small time frame. Alas, I have found a solution to this problem as I discovered five places where they offer brunch at any time.

1. Mamaleh's

bread, coffee, toast
Audrey Jones

This Jewish Delicatessen is a unique experience that I believe any adventurous brunch-lover should have. When approaching the menu, there is no pressure as it is pretty much guaranteed that anything you order will be satisfying. Their brunch menu is fairly extensive, however I would personally recommend the egg and cheese sandwich placed on a light and fluffy homemade challah roll. 

2. Mike and Patty’s 

For how small this sandwich shop is in square meters, it makes up for it by offering a large selection of options for those looking for brunch at any time. My personal favorite: The Breakfast Grilled Crack Sandwich, buttered sourdough bread filled with a fried egg, bacon and three types of cheeses. Although it may not be the healthiest option on the menu, it certainly is delicious and definitely has a crack-like affect on the consumer. 

3. Blunch

The name of this South End brunch find embodies the delights it has to offer: lunch foods with a breakfast twist, making it yet another great place to get brunch at any time. This spot has trademarked the "Bagelwich", a hybrid of the bagel and a sandwich. It was in this revolutionary food that I found utopia. One can't go wrong with a gooey cheese and meat combination on a locally made bagel. Blunch has certainly redefined the ways one can eat a bagel

4. Wheelhouse

The Wheelhouse is the perfect place to wheel some sandwiches, whether it be a burger or a breakfast sandwich, they’ve got you covered. With every bite of one of their famous, juicy burgers, your taste buds are overwhelmed with deliciousness. They have created the ultimate breakfast sandwich: the Breakfast Burger, their signature patty with a coffee crust topped with bacon, cheese, and a fried egg. Although I highly doubt there is anything on this menu that wouldn't be an excellent meal if you're looking for brunch at any time of day, I can personally attest to the excellence that is this Breakfast Burger.   

5. Flour Bakery

This bakery provides a variety of both sweet and savory breakfast baked goods throughout the day. My favorite breakfast treats are the sticky buns, covered in sticky caramel and toasted pecans, and the apple snacking spice cake, with apples upon apples layered with raisins and pecans in between. If sweet sticky buns aren't your thang, then I would recommend the breakfast egg sandwich with bacon, melted cheddar, tomato, and dijonaise, a balanced sandwich leaving one fully savored. This bakery not only provides plenty of brunch options at any time, but is also a comfortable environment to share an apple snacking spice cake with a close friend. 

There is an abundance of delicious brunch destinations across the country, however it's my hope that if you find yourself in Boston these places can satisfy any brunch hankering you may have.