This past year, we’ve managed to hit almost every brunch spot in Harvard Square. We also know how tough it can be to decide what you’re really craving. Next Sunday, the best day of the week to indulge in both sweet and savory at once, check out this list to guarantee a perfect order.

Beat Brasserie

Savory: Egg Shakshuka


Photo by Claire Dinhut

If you don’t have time to take the T to Tatte Bakery and have their shakshuka, this one will definitely do. The added polenta gives the dish a special flare and the crisp pita bread is perfect for dipping into the luscious tomato sauce and egg yolk combo.

Sweet: Wild Flower Lemon and Honey Pancakes:


Photo courtesy of

These pancakes have a perfect balance of inner fluff and outer edge crisp. The airiness and lemony aftertaste of the stacks works wonders with the berry compote. If you like sweet breakfast but don’t want to be overwhelmed by sugar, these pancakes are for you.

Russell House Tavern

Savory: E.B.L.T. on a Croissant


Photo courtesy of @russelhousetav on Instagram

Honestly, you should never order anything else but this dish on the menu. Whatever mood you’re in, this dish will satisfy your craving. Not only do you get the savory taste of egg and bacon but you also get the subtle sweetness from the croissant.

Sweet: Stuffed Brioche French Toast


Photo courtesy of Claire Dinhut

Conversely, if you like sweet breakfasts, this is the dish for you. Have a couple mouthfuls of this Nutella filled sweet creamy french toast and prepare to spend the rest of your day in bed napping off the sugar hangover.

Alden and Harlow

Savory: Pickled Corn Pancakes


Photo courtesy of @aldenharlow on Instagram

Although this innovative dish is incredibly tasty, it’s also strange. If you aren’t an adventurous eater, we recommend coaxing a friend into ordering these, so you can try a bite without committing.

Savory: Kale Toasts


Photo courtesy of @deadwolfbones on Instagram

If you think kale is simply a bland, boring, and overblown food trend, order this next time you’re at Alden and Harlow. The yolk of the egg, the creamy kale and aioli, and the crispness of the kale chips give you a perfect mouthful you will never forget.

Park Restaurant

Savory: Fried Chicken and Waffles


Photo courtesy of Park Cambridge on Facebook

Chicken and waffles: the classic American breakfast. ‘Nuff said.

Sweet: Crispy French Toast


Photo courtesy of Park Cambridge on Facebook

This french toast is absolute insanity. Even though we placed it in the sweet category, this crispy toast boasts a heavy cheddar filling which pairs surprisingly well with apple. Honestly, drizzle maple syrup on anything and I call that a good dish.

Grafton Street

Savory: Huevos Rancheros


Photo by Emma Noyes

If you need your daily dose of avocado, the huevos rancheros are the perfect option. We recommend getting them with scrambled eggs, which are always perfectly moist and come piled on the tortillas in a heaping mountain.

Sweet: Buttermilk Pancakes


Photo courtesy of @bostonfoodies on Instagram

Like the Beat Brasserie pancakes, these are both fluffy and crisp. But they also have an extra oomph: caramelized bananas and pecan butter. These additions complete the dish and make you forget about the 100 miles you’re going to have to run afterward.


Savory: any omelette


Photo courtesy of @boston_bites on Instagram

Let’s be real: people only go to Zoe’s for hungover Sunday Brunch. The best part about this restaurant is the fact that any egg dish is customizable. Whatever your weird hangover craving may be, they will accommodate your desires.

Sweet: Chocolate Chip Pancakes


Photo courtesy of @boston_bites on Instagram

Yes, you may order an egg dish at Zoe’s, but we all know you were secretly eyeing the pancake and waffle “griddle” side of the menu. Word of advice: order a side of chocolate chip pancakes with your omelette and indulge in both savory and sweet.