Summer. It’s all I look forward to during the snowy winter months, and what I never want to end when I’m living it. What complements summer better than beaches and music festivals? Cue margaritas and tostadas. Alongside every margarita should be guacamole, a tostada, sun, beach, and fun. But on those snowy days, we will just have to settle for a margarita and tostada to calm our cries for warmth.

Whether you are on St. Denis or strolling on St. Catherine, a 3 Amigos is waiting for you. They offer warm chips, and chunky salsa, which helps the agonizing wait for delicious food and drinks to arrive (it's actually a normal wait for food, but everything looks so good when the waiters bring the food to other tables that it seems like an eternity waiting for yours). Finally, here come the margaritas and tostadas.

strawberry, ice, smoothie, sweet, cocktail, juice
Marisa Boily

Fair warning, the drink menu is daunting, but fear not my friends because I have tried quite a few of them. Thus far, my favourite has to be the strawberry mango margarita. But, if a daiquiri is more your taste, then the options are a plenty. I like strawberry daiquiri is wonderfully slushy and packs a good amount of alcohol. To continue with a list of yummies, a selection of either a mojito, piña colada, or even a good beer is never a bad way to go. 

From the title, you can already tell I love tostadas. They provide crunch, cheesiness, flavourful beef (there are veggie options), and giant dollops of guac and sour cream. It's very hard to go wrong. I mean, the first bite is like WOAH why don’t I eat this for every meal of every day? Then, I realize that it would ruin the excitement of eating all of this yumminess and I move on with my devouring.

beef, bacon, cheese, guacamole
Marisa Boily

To compliment the tostada, a giant mound of rice is strategically placed next to it. To be completely honest, I am not a huge fan of rice, but I make an exception when it comes to 3 Amigos. Their rice makes me weak in the knees. Toss in a smidge of sour cream and guacamole and voila—you never have a reason to be sad again. Of course, I am exaggerating, but it really is freakishly good.

Now, back to the pièce de résistance, the tostada. The tortillas are perfectly fried and the crispiness is divine. The beef is wonderfully seasoned and goes oh so well with sour cream (TBH: I love everything with sour cream). On top of that all that, the cheese is perfectly melted. On days you want something a little less calorie coated, they also have a wonderful black bean burger. 

hamburger, sweet potato, bacon, bun, cheese, potato
Marisa Boily

Need I say more? I can, but at this point, there are only so many words I can use for yumminess. Please live out your dreams of escaping winter by indulging in a margarita and a tostada to forget about the cold for a few hours.