Domino's India recently took out this new advertisement where they claim that because of customer demand they have completely revamped their Pizza and made it much much better. With a dramatic victorious sound track and customer survey in the advertisement with a final pizza which is validated by a chef, it drew me in. 

The Claim: Domino's India New Advertisement

I decided to test this claim by ordering a pizza asap cause that seemed like the logical course of action. 


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Devika -

I ordered a regular double cheese Margherita with olives and corns as an extra topping for Rs.350 (clearly the prices haven't budged an inch) and hence, I was desperately hoping it would be worth it cause that amount is quite a dent on a college student budget. Here are my key findings: 

1. Softer Crust: Yay

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So the "newer" crust is indeed much softer than their usual crusts though unlike their old crusts it not very doughy, a quality I hate in my pizza crusts. It retains its crunchiness to an extent too and doesn't get soggy. So a tick for this parameter. The sides are way more edible,  coming from someone who prefers leaving them and just nibbling on the center. 

2. Tastier Sauce: Umm...Nay

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I quite frankly didn't notice any change in the sauce even though it is supposedly made of Californian tomatoes. It actually did seem a tinge sour to me but didn't affect the overall taste. I would have liked it to have more flavour even though I said no to spice in my order but that  doesn't mean one shouldn't be able to taste spices like basil and oregano which are classics in a good tomato sauce. 

3. More Toppings: Yay

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Pizza places have a way of being very miserly with their toppings. Be it vegetables or your favorite meat. Domino's used to be one of them for me because I remember that one time I ordered and there were like 7 slices of olives on my regular pizza: slices (one doesn't easily forget traumas like that). Luckily this pizza restored my faith in their generosity cause as the evidence...ahem picture indicates, they were quite generous in their toppings this time. 

4. More Cheese: Yay! 

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Devika -

My exclamation should definitely indicate my excitement cause the pizza was oozing with cheese. The fact that I ordered a Double Cheese Margherita though should be considered but in retrospect of ordering dozens of Margherita's this one definitely had more cheese which also tasted better. So cheese lovers on a budget, this Margherita might just be what you need.

#SpoonTip: I should at the same time warn that for some this might be a little too much cheese so be careful not to add extra toppings of cheese which costs extra too. 


To be fair to Domino's they have tried to make their pizza better but there are some basic faults still quite apparent. That doesn't mean one shouldn't try their new pizzas because they are certainly better especially for loyalists and people who have been eating dry doughy stingy pizzas for quite a while now, this revamping might be quite a refreshing change.