Picture this. You just ordered your favorite Domino’s pizza on their website. You opt for delivery because you’re busy watching the Food Network in hopes of actually learning how to cook. You patiently wait for nameless-delivery-boy (NDB) to finish making your pizza. Finally, NDB arrives with your pizza, you’ve started the next episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and you’re starving. The doorbell rings. You jump off your couch, grab your wallet and head to the front door. After paying and tipping NDB, you go directly back to the couch to enjoy your pizza. You open the box and see that your glorious toppings and cheese are slipping off one side: case 139487 of Pizza Delivery Fail.

Earlier in June, Domino’s released a “Steady Pizza” campaign to potentially eliminate this problem. Their solution?  A fancy cube that holds two hemispheres (one on the horizontal and the other on the vertical) that use lead pendulums to keep pizza balanced. By having the pendulums, the hemispheres will tilt this way and that to ensure that the pizzas always stay horizontal with the ground.



Kind of crazy. I’m not really sure what to think. Is it a high-quality hoax or the real deal?

Seems like a lot of effort for a pizza to me.

Is it really worth all the money to make these cubes in order to save their pizzas? Depending on the numbers (which aren’t available to the public) it might be. Domino’s doesn’t want to risk losing customers because due to delivering pizza fails. In addition, they claim to be “the recognized world leader in pizza delivery” as stated in their Instagram profile. That’s a pretty big claim that they probably want to live up to.

But on the other hand, preserving quality pizza is really really important.

Regardless of Domino’s reasoning behind the ad, I think it’s a novel idea. My favorite part is definitely the fact that the cube lights up at night. It would also serve as stellar, portable advertising. The cube is bound to catch a lot of eyes as a motorcycle vrooms across town to make a pizza delivery. I might even consider ordering a pizza just to take a peak at the fancy cube.

What do you think? Is it a fake or the beginning of a pizza delivery revolution? Check out Domino’s Steady Pizza video to see the cube in action: