Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is almost here and it’s time to figure out how you’re going to show your significant other (or yourself) the love this year. Dreamt about by girls in relationships and dreaded by singles everywhere, V-Day gives us the perfect excuse to embrace the love in the air, or at least to break out the wine and chocolates.

Whether you plan on drowning your sorrows with pink vodka sours or spoiling your sweetheart at the nicest restaurant in town, we have the perfect Valentine’s Day plan for every relationship status.

Hanging Out: "It's not a date"

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Molly Doroba

Talking, hooking up, hanging out; when you’re sorta together but not really, Valentine’s Day is a tricky holiday to navigate. If you’re ready to step up your game and make it more serious, now is the time! If you aren’t ready to commit, skip dinner (it’s obviously too serious) and take your whatever they are to a movie, a hike in Chewacla, an Auburn basketball game or something that the two of you will enjoy without having to make it an actual date. Please, forget the gifts.

New Relationship: Dinner at Acre

If it’s your first Valentine’s Day together, you have to go big! You've finally made it official, and it’s time to impress your new sweetheart and your social media followers. Make reservations at Acre, voted one of the South's most romantic restaurants, and treat each other to the special Valentine’s menu. It will give you the opportunity to dress up, eat great food and take the perfect picture to post on Instagram, because you know that showing off your Valentine is half the fun. Don't forget the flowers and chocolates!

Long-Term: Cook Together

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Lily Lou

By now, you and your angel (as mine is called) have done the big, expensive Valentine's Day, so spice it up this year with a more intimate plan and cook together. Make it a bonding activity and spend the afternoon creating a menu, shopping for the food, and fixing the meal with each other. Bring the wine, light some candles, put together the perfect playlist and you have a romantic night in. Fondue is a fun option if you’re feeling adventurous!

Long-Distance: Send a Sweet Surprise

With Valentine’s Day falling on a weekday and travel funds being limited for college kids, odds are you will be spending the night on a FaceTime date with your long-distance lover this year. Surprise your SO with a thoughtful delivery and a sweet note to remind them that you’re thinking of them even though you aren’t together. We recommend an Edible Arrangement!

Heartbroken: Drink

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Cayla Przygoda

A fresh breakup before Valentine’s Day definitely stings, so you'll need some alcohol to make it through this one. Luckily, there are always fun specials and themes on Valentine’s Day in downtown Auburn! Join the other singles and bar hop until you meet somebody who will help you forget about your ex, at least for the night. After enough tequila, you won’t even notice all of the sickening couples making out next to you. Bottoms up!

Strong, Independent Woman: Galentine's Day

If you are solo and loving it, spend the night with your true soul-mates and have your pick from all of Auburn’s best restaurants with TigerTownToGo. Order anything from Hamilton’s to Burgerfi, bring blankets, grab some candy and find a classic chick-flick to watch. A night in with your best girlfriends is the perfect way to spend a holiday that celebrates love, and it will remind you of just how much love you have in your life.