If you've ever been to Arizona, you would know they have amazing mountain scenes as a backdrop to many of the cities. In fact, the views from below the mountains looking up are rivaled by the views looking down on the Valley from the top of a tall peak.

With all these gorgeous hikes around the Scottsdale area, hearty brunch places are needed to refuel. Luckily, there are some great spots right near the best trailheads in the area to get your fix.

These hike and brunch combos will point you in the right direction to the best of what Scottsdale has to offer. 

Trailhead: Gateway 

Gateway is a beautiful trailhead in North Scottsdale known for its amazing views and beautiful architecture at the trailhead. With a wide variety of trails from easy to very challenging, this is an excellent place to see the full force of Scottsdale's beauty.

Brunch Spot: Over Easy

After a successful hike at Gateway, pop on over to Over Easy, a local restaurant with several locations across the Valley. With insanely creative French toast and egg dishes, this is the perfect breakfast and brunch place to go after a long hike.

Trailhead: Brown's Ranch

The trails going from Brown's Ranch trailhead wind smoothly around plenty of lush (yes, lush) desert and even balancing rocks. This is where to get a taste of the thriving nature and wildlife that's often unexpected in the desert.

Especially in the spring, plants such as ocotillos can be seen blooming with bright flowers. Jackrabbits and even deer have also been seen in the area.

Brown's Ranch is a great place to mountain bike as well, with fast trails that allow a lot of distance to be covered in a short amount of time.

Brunch Spot: Kale and Clover

Known for its creative and healthy dishes, Kale and Clover is a great place to go on a weekend for brunch. Their decadent sweet potato pancakes are a must-try, but bring a friend to share with because they fill you up fast. 

Kale and Clover also has yummy smoothies and juices for those who are in a rush, but their bright inside is reason enough to stay for a while. This restaurant is also a wonderful health food spot for lunch and dinner every day of the week. 

Trailhead: Pinnacle Peak

Pinnacle Peak offers great views of all the green of the valley, even if a lot of it may be golf courses. With a scenic but moderate trek winding up the mountains to get the view seen above, this hike is a perfect place to go with family looking for a pleasant hike with a view.

Brunch Spot: The Breakfast Joynt

The Breakfast Joynt is a great cozy breakfast place in DC Ranch that will make any Chicagoan feel at home, as the skyline is pictured proudly on one wall. With comforting and classic breakfast items as well as great lunch wraps and sandwiches, it really is the perfect brunch spot in North Scottsdale.

Trailhead: McDowell Mountain Regional Park

Hannah Bernier

With amazing trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, McDowell Mountain Regional Park has something for everyone. Its rolling trails loop in and out of washes and provide breathtaking views of mountains close up and far away. 

There are also great camping opportunities available so you can wake up with a fantastic sunrise. But any way you decide to enjoy the many trails the park holds, you'll find something special around every turn.

Brunch Spot: The Egg I Am

The Egg I Am is another local spot in the Valley, and is known for its filling omelets and delicious pancakes. Their to-die-for apple cinnamon pancakes are a well-deserved treat after a long hike, and are sure to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. 

Trailhead: Apache Wash

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Hannah Bernier

Apache Wash is a great trailhead for a variety of skill levels. Hikers and bikers alike will appreciate the beauty of the views and the many trails available to explore. Plus, on Saturday mornings, hot air balloons can often be seen on the horizon and even closer, providing a truly magical desert experience.

Brunch Spot: Local Jonny's

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Hannah Bernier

Local Jonny's is not a place to be missed. It's located right next to Flat Tire Bikes in the heart of Cave Creek, a charming Western town just north of Scottsdale.

Local Jonny's attracts many of the bikers that make their home in the valley, and has hearty meals to satisfy the hungriest of bikers. And the best part about Local Jonny's? Breakfast all day.

The nature in and around Scottsdale is one of the most breathtaking aspects of Arizona, and getting out there to enjoy it is a great way to get to know Arizona. 

With each trail offering unique experiences and views, exploring the desert never has to end. Luckily, it won't have to end when you have so many great breakfast and brunch places to fuel the adventures.

We Arizonans are lucky that so many great restaurants are so close to our favorite spots to hike, bike, and appreciate the beauty of the desert.