Crazy, artistic food pieces are all the rage. What else is more mesmerizing than a rainbow bagel or a water bubble cake? But have you ever heard of the edible ballon?

It’s really nothing new. In fact, the Alinea restaurant in Chicago created this bad boy back in 2012. It’s been flocking foodies across the US ever since.


Photo courtesy of @chuggy_bear on Instagram

But don’t think this tasty wonder is so easy to get your hands on. You need a little over $300 in extra cash to get a meal at this 3 Michelin star restaurant (try finding that in your couch cushions). Not to mention you’ll have to plan ahead in order to get your tickets before they sell out.

In order to eat the edible balloon, you have to first suck the helium out by popping the balloon with your tongue or pin (provided). From there, you can have at it with your squeaky voice.

Once all the games are over, you finish off the balloon by eating the green apple flavor outside. The entire balloon is edible, including the dehydrated apple string.


Photo courtesy of Alinea Restaurant

Alinea is known for their masterpiece works of art that happen to be edible. Chef Grant Achatz enchants guests with a whimsical dining experience that leaves them in awe. Other dish presentations include features such as dry ice and mixed temperatures.

The experience is truly not like any other. So if you are ready to add and cross something new off your bucket list, you’ll have to go check it out.