Breakfast is a favorite meal amongst many. It is an opportunity for delicious food both sweet and savory. Listed below are the best breakfasts from each and every state. Use this breakfast guide when traveling, to try a new breakfast in your state, or simply to look at yummy food you know you can’t eat. 

Alabama: Soft Shell Crab Benedicts from Brick and Spoon

Brick and Spoon, located in Orange Beach, Alabama offers a spin on the traditional eggs Benedict. The poached eggs are atop an english muffin, cornmeal dusted soft shell crab, Canadian bacon, and finished with a hollandaise.

Alaska: Country Benedict from Snow City Cafe

Anchorage Alaska’s award winning breakfast spot Snow City Cafe, is known for their country eggs Benedict: fresh biscuits topped with a sausage patty, eggs, and house made gravy. Who needs hollandaise sauce when you can have gravy?

Arizona: Eggs Over Easy from Over Easy

Over Easy, located in Arcadia, Gilbert, Mesa and Scottsdale, Arizona created a dish that lives up to the restaurants name. The toasted brioche bun is topped with sautéed spinach and scallions, an over easy egg, and drizzled with a smokey gravy that soaks into the brioche bread. And if that is not enough, the breakfast sits in a plate of scattered bacon bits.

Arkansas: Banana Pancakes from The Pancake Shop

The Pancake Shop in Arkansas is known for… you guessed it, their pancakes. The banana pancakes are the most popular order with tiny bits of banana mixed in the batter, so no bite goes without the yummy banana flavor.

California: Fresh Berry Crepe and Caramel Apple French Toast from Old Vine Cafe

Old Vine Cafe located in Costa Mesa, California offers two amazing breakfast items utilizing California’s fresh produce: strawberries and apples. Pictured left is Fresh Berry Crepe Stuffed with Fresh Strawberries, Sweet Artisan Ricotta Cheese Mousse, and garnished with Berry Coulis. Pictured right is the Caramel Apple French toast freshly baked & garnished with a Caramel and Chocolate Swirl. If these two items do not leave your mouth watering, I do not know what will.

Colorado: Pancake Flight from Snooze Eatery

Snooze Eatery, first opened in Colorado, offers an amazing pancake flight which includes a peanut butter chocolate, cinnamon roll, and blueberry danish pancake. Each pancake is made individually with their own amazing sauce. The sauces are so yummy that no syrup is necessary.

Connecticut: Banana Nut and Chocolate Chip Pancakes from Chips Family Restaurant

Chips Family Restaurant is known for their pancakes. These 5 delicious Banana Nut and Chocolate Chip Pancakes are topped with fresh sliced bananas, chopped pecans, and whipped cream.

Delaware: Candied Pecan Pancakes from Lucky's Coffee Shop

Lucky’s Coffee Shop offers an oozy and gooey candied pecan pancake stack that will leave you in awe. 

Florida: Turtle Stuffed French Toast from Keke's Breakfast Cafe

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe has a memorable french toast stuffed with pecans, caramel, chocolate and cream cheese topped with powdered sugar. This breakfast makes it hard to tell the difference between breakfast and dessert. 

Georgia: Pulled Pork Benedict from West Egg Cafe

West Egg Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia has a delicious spin on the traditional eggs benedict. Poached eggs placed on top of chipotle barbecue marinated pulled pork, lime aioli, and a house pepper jack cornbread.

Hawaii: Strawberry and Whipped Cream Pancakes from Eggs and Things

Eggs and Things, although known for their egg dishes, has an amazing strawberry pancake breakfast with strawberry whipped cream. 

Idaho: Oatmeal Souffle from Red Feather Lounge

Red Feather Lounge takes a spin on the classic oatmeal and turns it into a sweet breakfast-y dessert; hearty and light all at once.

Illinois: Oreo S'mores Pancakes from Wild Berry Pancakes and Cafe

Wild Berry Pancakes and Cafe has a gooey marshmallow Oreo Pancake breakfast that will leave your mouth watering and your tummy very happy. 

Indiana: Paxton's Potatoes from Village Deli

Village Deli takes the normal side potatoes and makes them the main breakfast item. The fried potatoes are topped with sausage gravy, grated cheddar cheese, and fresh chives. 

Iowa: Peanut Butter, Bacon, and Banana French Toast from Le Mie

Le Mie bakery in Iowa is known for their baked treats but they have a killer french toast. They take a classic peanut butter and banana pairing and combine it with bacon bits all atop two thick pieces of french toast. 

Kansas: Florentine Benedict from Milton's Cafe

Milton's Cafe has an incredible fresh and healthy benedict. Their Florentine Benedict has spinach and fresh sliced tomatoes topped with perfectly poached eggs and hollandaise sauce of course. 

Kentucky: S'mores Waffles from Lexington Diner

Lexington Diner creates our favorite camping treat, S’mores, and makes it a waffle breakfast. These S’mores waffles are topped with roasted mini marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, and a chocolate drizzle. 

Louisiana: Bananas Fosters French Toast from Stanley

Stanley in New Orleans offers a break from the beignets with this Banana Fosters French toast. The battered French Bread is topped with sliced bananas, vanilla bean ice cream, and toasted walnuts with foster sauce. 

Maine: The Deluxe Sandwich from The Palace Diner

The Palace Diner in Maine has an amazingly cheesy breakfast sandwich. The Deluxe Breakfast Sandwich has bacon, egg, jalepeno, and a thick slice of cheddar cheese. 

Maryland: Baltimore Benedict from City Cafe

City Cafe in Baltimore has a fresh crab benedict on a yummy english muffin. Under each egg is a mini crab cake topped with hollandaise sauce. The only thing better than a crab cake is a mini crab cake with a beautifully poached egg on top. 

Massachusetts: Red Flannel Hash and Poached Eggs from Henrietta's Table

Henrietta’s Table has a fun and unusual breakfast. We are used to potato hashes, but Henrietta’s takes a fun spin and makes a bright red flannel hash topped with poached eggs and hollandaise. 

Michigan: Breakfast Poutine from Brooklyn Street Local

Brooklyn Street Local combines our two favorite foods: fries and a fried egg. The Breakfast Poutine is a bed of hand cut fries with a sunny side up egg, organic cheese curd and topped with beef gravy.

Minnesota: Peanut Butter Waffle from The Lowry Uptown

The Lowry Uptown smears creamy peanut butter and drizzles vanilla custard on top of each perfectly crisp waffle. As if it can’t get any better than that, they sprinkle the waffles with bits of candied pecans. 

Mississippi: Southwestern Skillet Scramble from Big Bad Breakfast

Big Bad Breakfast is not as big and bad as the name says. Their Southwest Skillet Scramble incorporates grilled chicken, onions, jalapeños, corn and cheddar, topped with salsa and crispy torilla strips. Giving you the true southern cooking flavors in a healthier scrambled option. 

Missouri: S'mores French Toast from Half and Half

Half and Half creates a thick french toast topped with chocolate, fine graham crackers, and toasted marshmallows for the perfect spin on a classic s’mores favorite. 

Montana: Stuffed French Toast from Steve's Cafe

Steve’s Cafe has a new stuffed french toast everyday, and they always incorporate a new flavor in with the ricotta and cream cheese mixture. 

Nebraska: Bread Pudding French Toast from Over Easy

Over Easy takes a spin on the traditional french toast. Their unique french toast is made out of sliced and seared house made bread pudding sitting in a house made creme anglaise sauce.

Nevada: The Short Rib Benedict from The Henry

The Henry in Las Vegas has the best breakfast cure for any hangover. Their spin on the traditional eggs benedict includes braised short ribs, poached eggs, breakfast potatoes, and hollandaise sauce.

New Hampshire: Bill-Grilly Benedict from Purple Finch Cafe

Purple Finch Cafe’s Bill-Grilly Benedict is two poached eggs over a grilled corned beef hash on two grilled english muffins topped with hollandaise.

New Jersey: Grits Special from Sam A.M.

Sam A.M. makes a yummy grits breakfast. Each week they have a new grits breakfast special with a fried egg and shredded cheese on top. Sometimes they add in meat, mushrooms, or even stuffed bell pepper.

New Mexico: Atole Pinon Hotcakes from Tecolote Cafe

Tecolote Cafe in Santa Fe adds toasted pine nuts into the crunchy cornmeal hotcakes. The yummy nutty flavor and cornmeal base makes the pancakes stand out from the normal buttermilk pancake stack. 

New York: Steamed Oeufs from Buvette

Buvette takes the basic scrambled eggs and makes it a fancy breakfast dish. The steamed scrambled eggs are on top of roasted sourdough, topped with prosciutto or smoked salmon.

North Carolina: Fried Chicken Biscuit from Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen

Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen makes a killer fried chicken biscuit sandwich. Each biscuit is buttered as it comes out of the oven and then stuffed with a piece of crispy fried chicken. 

North Dakota: Rancher Skillet from Kroll's Diner

Kroll’s Diner is a favorite for all the locals. The dish is the rancher scramble which features a sizzling skillet with eggs, ham, onions, peppers, and fried potatoes.

Ohio: Grilled Cinnamon Roll from Skillet

Skillet takes an already amazing creation such as the cinnamon roll and seems to make it even more yummy. They grill the cinnamon roll after baking it to give it the crispy outside and keep the inside nice and gooey. And finally, they drizzle a brown sugar and powdered sugar glaze to top it all off.

Oklahoma: Blueberry Sunrise from Craft Waffle Sandwiches

Craft Waffle Sandwiches has made the best dessert/breakfast waffle ever. They top a thin waffle with blueberry-thyme compote, lemon-goat cheese spread and top it with oat crumble and powdered sugar. 

Oregon: Oreo White Chocolate Waffle from Off the Waffle

Off the Waffle is a great place for a savory or sweet waffle. This waffle could cure any sweet craving. The waffle is topped with oreo chunks and mini white chocolate chips. It is drizzled with a white chocolate and milk chocolate sauce… can we say yum?

Pennsylvania: Stuffed Challah French Toast from Sabrina's Cafe

Sabrina’s Cafe is known for their stuffed french toast. This particular french toast is filled with farmers cream cheese and topped with bananas and vanilla bean syrup. How good does that combo sound?

Rhode Island: Brickway Benedict from Brickway on Wickenden

Brickway On Wickenden has an amazing variety of Benedicts. Best of all is their lox Benedict: an english muffin topped with lox, poached eggs, and a creamy hollandaise sauce.

South Carolina: Hot Little Biscuit from Callie's Hot Little Biscuits

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits are not as little as they may sound. Each biscuit is made to order. Customers can choose from buttermilk, cheese chive or shortcake biscuits and then get to choose their add ins: country ham, bacon, cinnamon, or blackberry.

South Dakota: Buffalo Steak Tips and Eggs from Blue Bell Lodge

Blue Bell Lodge has a breakfast skillet packed with buffalo steak tips, eggs, hash browns and toast. It doesn’t get much hardier and yummier than that.

Tennessee: "Jack" Egg Sandwich from The Capitol Grille

The Capitol Grille in Nashville has an amazingly gooey egg sandwich that has a bit of a twist to it. The sandwich has an egg, hog-jowl bacon, and tomato gravy between two pieces of french toast soaked in Jack Daniels, the locals favorite drink.

Texas: Cream Cheese Stuffed Berry French Toast from Kozy Kitchen

Kozy Kitchen is famous for their Challah French Toast stuffed with a yogurt cream cheese filling, fresh bananas and a berry compote. If this is not your vibe, there are other Dallas restaurants with nom-worthy breakfasts

Utah: Famous Scones from Sill's Cafe

Sill’s Cafe is famous for what Utah calls a scone. Most of the country knows a scone to be a biscuit like pastry, but in Utah it’s a patty of deep fried dough, similar to what a flat doughnut would be like. Sill’s Cafe smears their scones with delicious honey butter.

Vermont: Banana Walnut Pancakes from Mirabelle's Cafe

Mirabelle’s Cafe takes perfectly cooked thin pancakes and tops them with candied walnuts and bananas, for a simple, yet delicious breakfast.

Virginia: Lemon Marmalade French Toast from 821 Cafe

821 Cafe has a delicious and decadent french toast. The french toast pictured above is a lemon marmalade French Toast with grilled brie and blueberries.

Washington: Corned Beef Mash from The Braeburn Restaurant

The Braeburn Restaurant created a delicious and tasteful mash with corned beef, garlic mashed potatoes, and Irish cheese, topped with three perfectly cooked eggs. On the side are two pieces of marble rye bread for dipping and soaking up the rest of the egg yolk and yummy flavors.

Washington DC: Lox Poached Egg from Roofers Union

Roofers Union in Washington D.C. has the most perfect, yolk oozing poached egg. The poached egg is combined with cured salmon and a crispy english muffin, to make a perfect open faced breakfast sandwich. 

West Virginia: Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast from First Watch

First Watch in West Virginia has an amazing play on our favorite dessert option: Strawberry Cheesecake. Their Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast is a house made sourdough French toast stuffed with cream cheese custard and topped with fresh strawberries, graham crackers, and powdered sugar.

Wisconsin: Brioche Berry French Toast from Marigold Kitchen

Marigold Kitchen makes their french toast prettier and tastier than most others. They use brioche bread drizzled with pastry cream, berry pure, seasonal berries, shaved almonds, and pure Wisconsin maple syrup. 

Wyoming: Avocado and Roasted Tomato Toast from Picnic

Picnic in Jackson Hole has an amazing mouth watering avocado toast. Their avo toast includes multigrain bread, avocado­, radish, roasted tomato, feta, pumpkin seeds, cracked pepper, and sea salt.