What better start to February than getting the news of your favorite bakery finally being opened in your city. YES! we're talking about Theobroma, which opened its doors for Delhites on 4th February at the CyberHub, Gurugram.

Theobroma is a Mumbai-based bakery and patisserie started by a Parsi family in 2004. They inaugurated the first outlet at Cusrow Baug, Colaba Causeway and, since then they have successfully opened and managed 12 more outlets in Mumbai. What's more interesting is the story of its Founder and Head of Production, Kainaz Messman. 

Now that the bakery has finally opened in the capital city, you don't have to wait for your friends and relatives to travel all the way from Mumbai to carry these delicious desserts. Just to make your work a lot easier, here's a list of our favorites from Theobroma menu.

1. Brownies

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Karan Kapoor

Brownies are what Theobroma is known for. They serve a variety of brownies- chocolate chip, walnut overload, cookie brownie to name a few.  But, our favorite and the limelight of this bakery is the Oreo brownie and Chocolate chip brownie- so soft, it melts in your mouth, really!

The bakery also makes eggless brownies for its customers and its Mumbai outlet delivers all over the country. 

2. Chip Butty

Chip Butty is a signature sandwich at Theobroma. Chef Kainaz first tried this sandwich at a pub in Oxford, UK. Back in her Colaba kitchen, she made her own Chip Butty using fresh butter roll, hot chip, garlic mayonnaise, grated cheese and vinegar. Other versions of chip butty are Bacon butty, Egg butty and Chicken butty.

3. Tea Cakes

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Shivangi Sachdeva

Theobroma is a Greek word meaning 'Food of the Gods'," it is also the botanical name for the cocoa plant. The bestseller at Theobroma is the Chocolate Dense Loaf, a simple moist chocolate cake made with real melted chocolate (sounds mouthwatering, no?) Apart from this, they also make the Mava cake, Pound cake, Date and Walnut cake. Just like the brownies, the bakery makes no-sugar and egg-less tea cakes as well. 

4. Hot Chocolate

When it comes to beverages, Theobroma has n-number of options for its customers. Fresh mint tea, Desi masala tea, iced tea, latte, frappe, cappuccino, Brownie shake, Fruit and Oat Lassi, Kiwi Cooler are just to name a few. But, what remains the 'star of the show' is the Hot Chocolate and ingredients used to make it different from other hot chocolate makers. Most cafes make hot chocolate using cocoa powder, but Theobroma uses dense chocolate ganache and warm milk to serve the best, always.

5. Cakes

brownie, cream, cheesecake, cake, chocolate
Shivangi Sachdeva

Just in case, your celebration isn't complete without a cake, then Theobroma will never disappoint you. Red velvet cake, Rainbow cake, Banoffee High, Vodka flavored Green Chilli Mousse cake and Opium cake grace the menu and the shelves of the bakery. Chef Kainaz recommen the Dense Chocolate Truffle Cake for all the chocoholics. 

6. Macarons

cake, lemon, macaron, meringue, chocolate, macaroon
Shivangi Sachdeva

Another delicacy made in Theobroma is its Macarons. Again, no compromise is made with flavors which range from pistachios, red velvet, lemon to coffee, chocolate and blueberry.

Theobroma made our 2017 a lot more joyful and indulging with the inauguration of the Cyber Hub outlet. But, that's not all. It will soon open its outlet in Noida and Connaught Place and we can't wait for it anymore.