Bulldog Days runs from April 24th – 26th, which means endless free food for prefrosh and starving students alike. Fortunately, we've gathered all of the must-hit foodie events so that you can plan out your study break schedule and satisfy all of your late night cravings.

Note: some free food events have been excluded for the following reasons. After the 12th pizza event, we got bored. Do better, Yale. Second, events citing "light refreshments" (aka leftover dorm snacks) were also left out.

Day 1: Monday, April 24th

6:15pm-7:45pm: Smoothies and Granola with Bright College Roofs (Cross Campus Outside SML)

smoothie, milk, strawberry, milkshake, ice, cream
Andrew Chang

Kickoff your Bulldog Food Tour by snagging a smoothie from Bright College Roofs. 

8:00pm-9:00pm: Pizza with Air Force ROTC (Buttery, Trumbull College)

pizza, pepperoni, mozzarella
Bella Halley

Come learn about Yale's ROTC program while enjoying what New Haven is known for: apizza

9:30pm-10:30pm: Kick-off Mixer and Dessert (Commons at Schwarzman Center)

Sundays and Cones, taro, lychee, Black sesame, chocolate, ice, ice cream, cream
Rica Beltran

Unfortunately, you might actually have to be a prefrosh to go to this one. Here prefrosh can meet their potential future classmates with some ice-breaking ice cream.

10:00pm-11:30pm: Pizza with YDN Business Team  (202 York Street)

sauce, mozzarella, pie, dough, cheese, crust, pizza
Sarah Strong

Want to join the oldest college publication in America but can't write? Want free pizza? Regardless, pizza with the YDN business team is the event for you.

10:00pm-12:00am: Cookie Decorating with Splash/YUMC (WLH 112)

sweet, cookie, candy, cake, chocolate
Lara Schwieger

Come decorate a cookie or two or three...or five with Splash, an educational STEM organization on campus.

10:30pm-11:30pm: Korean Food with KASY (LC 204)

vegetable, pepper, feast, tea
Vicky Nguyen

Enjoy a variety of kimbap (Korean street sushi), from spicy tuna to spam with the Korean American Students at Yale.

10:30pm-12:00am: Chips & Guac with No Lost Generation (WLH 202)

spinach, sauce, herb, vegetable, salsa, guacamole
Chelsea Wu

Be a part of No Lost Generation’s photo campaign in support of refugees in WLH and enjoy some chips and guac as you learn more about their organization. 

10:30pm-11:30pm: Root Beers & Engineers (Lecture Hall, CEID)

coffee, sweet, ice cream, chocolate, dairy product, milk, ice, cream
Spoon University

Come learn about engineering at Yale or just come enjoy a root beer float. You might even get to play with some 3D-printers. 

10:30pm-11:30pm: Vietnamese Food with VSA (AACC, 295 Crown Street)

fish, lettuce, salad, vegetable
Nicole Nguyen

Enjoy traditional Vietnamese food with the Vietnamese Students Association over a discussion of Vietnamese history and life on campus. 

10:30pm-12:00am: Dessert, Puzzles, and Trivia with Several STEM Organizations (WLH 120)

raspberry, cream, blueberry
Shawn Eliav

MathCounts Outreach, Yale Undergraduate Science Olympiad and Dimensions are hosting a joint info session complete with crepes and ice cream. Hungry students + crepes + ice cream= ... You do the math.

10:30pm-12:00am: Miracle Berries and Cocktails with Synapse (WLH 211)

Sangria, strawberries, mint, peach, cocktail, ice, lemon
Carolyne Su

Ever wanted to try the crazy berries that flip your taste buds? Turn lemons into lemonade and learn about STEM programs and STEM writing at Yale over miracle berries and glow-in-the-dark mocktails with the Yale Scientific Magazine and Synapse.

10:30pm-11:30pm: Pancakes with the Yale Dramatic Association (222 York Street)

cake, syrup, berry, sweet, pancake, strawberry
Kourtney Meldrum

Satisfy your late night cravings for breakfast food with the Yale Dramatic Association. 

10:30pm-12:00am: Round Foods with Voke Spoken Word (Yale Women's Center, 198 Elm Street)

cream, bun, bread, sweet, pastry, cake, doughnut
Alex Frank

Come learn more about Yale’s LGBTQIA+ spoken word group, enjoy performances from current members and snack on doughnuts and bagels. 

10:30pm-12:00am: Ice Cream Sundaes with The Boola (WLH 113)

coffee, chocolate, cream, sweet, milk, dairy product
Jayna Goldstein

Join The Boola, Yale’s BuzzFeed-style online publication, for some stacked ice cream sundaes.

Bonus: whoever makes the prettiest sundae will be photographed and featured in an upcoming Boola article.

10:30pm-11:30pm: S'mores and Sustainability (Courtyard, Davenport College)

cream, chocolate
Devon Flinn

Join the Yale Student Environmental Coalition and Tangled Up In Blue (Yale's folk acapella group) for s’mores, sustainability and singing in the Davenport Courtyard. 

10:30pm-11:45pm: Pizza, Donuts, and Consulting (Bass Library, L01-A)

sauce, mushroom, spinach, crust, mozzarella, pizza
Jaclyn Puccini

Up late at night in Bass? Pop over to the Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group for pizza and donuts (you know you're going into consulting after school anyways, just give in).

10:30pm-12:00am: Yorkside with YIRA (Yorkside Pizza, 288 York Street)

ice, sweet, chocolate, coffee
Christin Urso

Join the Yale International Relations Association for pizzas and milkshakes at Yorkside. Meet Yalies passionate about education, global affairs and service (and free food).

10:30pm-12:00am: Mango Madness with MSA (Chaplain's Office, Bingham Hall, Entryway D)

peach, salad, ice, mango
Caroline Aronowitz

Enjoy some Mango Massi with the Muslim Student’s Association. This is only an introduction to the famed free food entryway Bingham D. Eat on, prefrosh. 

11:00pm-1:00am: Waffles with the Party of the Left (TV Room, Saybrook College)

butter, waffle
Hui Lin

Get to know the Party of the Left over debate and waffles (because waffles are always right). 

11:00pm-12:00am: Brie Tasting with the OTYC (WLH 204)

milk, cheddar, dairy, brie, cheese
Rebecca Li

In the mood for something a little more classy? Come eat some cheese and learn about the Opera Theatre of Yale College, the entirely student-run undergraduate opera company.  

Day 2: Tuesday, April 25th 

3:00pm-3:50pm: Club Rugby BBQ (Old Campus)

cheese, hamburger, tomato, beef, meat, lettuce, sandwich, bread, bun
Elyse Belarge

The free food just does not end after Day 1. Meet the Men’s and Women’s Rugby Teams and chow down on some burgers on Old Campus picnic-style.

3:00pm-4:00pm: Cannoli with Lo Stivali (WLH 205)

cannoli, chocolate, sweet, cream, pastry, cake
Michelle Hahn

Come hang out with Lo Stivale, Yale’s undergraduate Italian culture club, to make (and devour) your own cannoli.

5:00pm-6:30pm: Pizza with Christian Union (LC 211)

cheese, mushroom, mozzarella, crust, sauce, pepperoni, pizza
Nadia Rendon

Get to know the Christian Union and try out New Haven's famous Modern Pizza and Pepe's Pizza. 

10:00pm-11:00pm: Indian Food with Welcoming Christians (Battel Chapel)

chicken, curry, rice
Eunice Choi

Share delicious Indian food with students from the University Church in Yale. Any and all religions (or non-religions) welcome!  

10:00pm-12:00am: Pizza and Planes with Yale Aerospace (Lecture Hall, CEID)

cheese, mushroom, mozzarella, crust, sauce, pepperoni, pizza
Nadia Rendon

As you can see, New Haven is in no shortage of pizza. Join the Aerospace Association to enjoy free food and learn about aerospace engineering. 

10:00pm-12:00am: AACC Rhythm Dinner (AACC, 295 Crown Street)    

pasta, sauce, noodle, vegetable
Hannah Rote

Meet students involved in the Asian American community and watch performances by dance, music and spoken word groups. You'll get to try free food from tons of local restaurants, featuring Chinese, Indian, Thai and other Asian cuisines.

10:00pm-11:30pm: Yale Panhellenic Ice Cream Social (LC 211)

chocolate, ice, cream
Monica Jeon

Curious about sororities at Yale? Hang out with some members of Yale's sororities to talk about sisterhood and eat free ice cream. 

10:00pm-12:00am: Movie Night Harvest (WLH 207)

milk, cookie, wafer, candy, chocolate, sweet, waffle
Susanna Tuan

Come watch farm-themed movies with Harvest, Yale’s farming pre-orientation program, and enjoy lots of farm-themed snacks like gorp (trail mix).

10:30pm-11:30pm: Chick-Fil-A and Chat with KITAB (WLH 210)

peanut butter, peanut
Spoon University

Munch and mingle with KITAB Inc., a student organization dedicated to donating books and reading to elementary students in New Haven. Plus, Chick-Fil-A? Enough said.

10:30pm-12:00am: Queer Midnight Brunch (Buttery, Hopper College)

vegetable, sauce, pork, meat
Anna Hsu

Come learn more about Yale's undergraduate LGBTQ organizations over a delicious brunch.

10:30pm-12:00am: Chocolate and Chat with Yale Drama Coalition

(220 York Street)

bonbons, sweetmeat, goody, milk chocolate, chocolate candy, truffle, sweet, milk, candy, chocolate
Mollie Simon

In the mood for something sweet? Join the Yale Drama Coalition for their chocolate party.

10:30pm-12:00am: A Celebration of Women at Yale (Women's Center, 198 Elm Street)

tea, coffee
Dylan Stilin

All genders are welcome to celebrate the Women’s Center’s birthday with cake, piñatas and feminism. 

10:30pm-11:30pm: Fried Chicken and Feminism with Girl Up (Wright Reading Room B65, Sterling Memorial Library) 

pork, chicken wings, sauce, meat, chicken
Kaitlin Wheeler

More food, more feminism! Join Girl Up for Popeye's chicken and to learn more about the organization's mission to empower women. 

10:30pm-12:00am: Popeyes with Dpops (PH 207)

fish, chicken
Hannah Rote

Aaaand more Popeyes. Join Yale's only pops orchestra for some tunes and chicken.

10:30pm-11:30pm: Honey and Cheese with Bee Space (LC 208)

cheddar, dairy, dairy product, milk, cheese
Matthew Wenger

Meet members of Bee Space, Yale’s beekeeping group, and sample a panel of artisanal honey with cheese and crackers.

10:30pm-12:00am: Community Service and Social Justice Mixer (Chapel, Dwight Hall)

chicken, meat, chicken wings, sauce, pork, barbecue, beef
Taylor Wright

Learn more about the many community service groups on campus over delicious Insomnia Cookies and Buffalo Wild Wings (napkins included).

10:30pm-11:30pm: Pizza and Politics with the Politic (Branford-Saybrook Room, Branford College)

cheese, basil, crust, tomato, mushroom, mozzarella, pizza
Madison Temple

Talk politics over pizza. We promise it makes the whole thing less like your intense Thanksgiving dinner this year.

10:30pm-12:00am: Pancakes with the Saybrook College Orchestra (LC 206)

berry, chocolate, jam, cream, strawberry, pancake, cake, syrup, pastry, sweet
Kristine Mahan

There is never a bad time for pancakes. Saybrook College Orchestra knows what's up.

10:30pm-12:00am: Wushu Martial Arts Workshop and Mochi (Dining Hall, Saybrook College)

sweet, egg, mochi, candy, dairy product, cream
Gabby Phi

Find out how to channel your chi while enjoying some mochi. We promise we won't be there making bad puns.

10:30pm-11:30pm: Chick-Fil-A with Naval ROTC (55 Whitney Ave, Suite 450)

Tabatha Marks

Enjoy some fried chicken with the midship-men of Yale’s Naval ROTC unit. 

10:30pm-12:00am: Consulting with Elmseed Enterprise Fund (WLH 211)

meat, pasta, spinach, vegetable
Nicole Laszlo

Check out Elmseed Enterprise Fund to learn about consulting (because no one really knows what it is) and enjoy some delicious Pitaziki and Junzi Kitchen (two Yalie favorites). 

10:30pm-12:00am: Rock Out to Reel Rock (Game Room, Ezra Stiles College)

cream, chocolate, ice, sweet, milk, strawberry, dairy product, sundae
Unagh Frank

The Yale Rock Climbing Team is serving up some delicious ice cream sundaes.

11:00pm-12:00am: Cellos and Cheesecake (WLH 201, Sudler Hall) 

butter, pastry, sweet, dairy product, cheesecake, cake, cream, pie
Jocelyn Hsu

Come listen to Yale's all-cello rock band rehearse and enjoy some cheesecake. 

Day 3: Wednesday, April 27                            

12:45-1:30pm: New Haven Pizza Party (Old Campus)

crust, pizza
Libby Perold

Sadly, our free food tour comes to an end. Come feast one last time on pizza from Pepe's, Modern, Yorkside, Bar and many more local pizza favorites.