There are some things you can’t miss when you visit Yale, and we at Spoon University think most of them have to do with food. We’ve created a bingo board to help you hit all the highlights! Although most of the squares are self–explanatory we thought you might like some photographs so you can create your plan of attack.

Go to an Event with Yorkside Pizza/Claire’s Cake/Ashley’s Ice Cream/Insomnia Cookies

These four foods are ubiquitous around Bulldog Days so you’d have to make an effort to avoid all of them.

Bulldog Days

photo by Caroline Kim

Bulldog Days

photo by Jessica Kelly

Eat a Burger at Shake Shack or Louis’ Lunch

Louis’ Lunch invented the hamburger, what better reason do you need to visit this iconic lunch spot? But make sure you check the hours before you go because they’re all over the place. For a more modern burger head to Shake Shack and try a skull and cones concrete.

Bulldog Days

photo by Carla Garcia

Visit Every Residential College and Eat Lunch at Commons

You’ve got twelve residential colleges to find but don’t forget to stop by Commons for lunch to get that Hogwarts view.

Bulldog Days

photo courtesy of Erin Pettigrew

Go to the Pizza Party on Old Campus

This is possibly the only event you cannot miss. We’ve got some of the best pizza in the world here in New Haven and this is your first opportunity to taste them all for free.

Bulldog Days

photo courtesy of Mark H. Anbinder

Bulldog Days

photo courtesy of Joe Hall

Check our the Extracurricular Bazaar, especially the Spoon University Table!

Come say hi and let us know if you got bingo!


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Looking for even more to eat in New Haven?

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