It all started with one small fast casual restaurant in Boston. B.GOOD's founders, who are two best friends, simply started with the goal of making delicious and homemade food with love. Now, B.GOOD has grown to a total of 74 restaurants with over 50 locations across the United States alone.

Clearly, B.GOOD is doing something right, but what exactly is it? I think it's a combination of everything the company stands for, from their food to their people to their greater mission and everything in between. 

Food With Roots

Renee Spillane

From the very beginning B.GOOD has emphasized the importance of high quality ingredients. They source sustainable ingredients and are always sure to partner with local farmers and suppliers when possible. Not only is this food philosophy better for the world, but it's better for you. 

B.GOOD's executive chef, Linh Aven, describes it way better than I ever could. “At B.GOOD, our mission is to serve ‘Food with Roots’ – food that first and foremost is delicious, but also is sustainably-grown, fresh, and wholesome."

B.GOOD emphasizes balance in all of their menu items. Yes, you'll find burgers and fries, but you'll also find salads, soups, and lots of fresh veggies. Everything tastes good and will leave you feeling just as good thanks to the attention to detail evident in every menu item. 

Seasonal Menu

Renee Spillane

With such a huge focus on the importance of real, high quality ingredients, it probably doesn't come as a shock that B.GOOD always has an extensive selection of seasonal menu items, no matter what time of year it is. 

I am personally a huge fan of eating seasonally. It doesn't have to be a difficult venture, either. Oftentimes, I find myself craving fruits and vegetables that are in season anyway. 

Executive Chef Linh Aven says, "An important part of [our] mission is incorporating the best ingredients and flavors that each season has to offer, which is why we introduce new menu items as the seasons change."

In the winter, this means citrus, root vegetables, cabbage, and brussels sprouts. I was excited to see the seasonal Citrus and Avocado salad on the menu. The kale base was covered with healthy portions of radish, avocado, beets, and sweet potato. My local B.GOOD didn't have cabbage or orange, but I barely missed it thanks to the substitution of crisp apples. 

People-Centric Culture

Renee Spillane

The instant I walked into B.GOOD, I felt welcome. The atmosphere was warm and everyone seemed genuinely excited to be working there. B.GOOD's employees, no matter what level, are a part of the family. Everyone is welcome to contribute fresh ideas.

In addition to supporting their employees, B.GOOD strives to partner with local producers wherever they open new restaurants. My meal featured sweet potatoes and apples from North Carolina farms.

The Bottom Line

Renee Spillane

When any restaurant combines genuinely delicious food that makes you feel good with a heart-felt social mission, it's a win-win scenario. B.GOOD has managed to build a network of customers, employees, and suppliers that work together to make great food and a better community for everyone involved

If you want to get a taste of the winter menu, you'll want to stop by soon. Try the Citrus and Avocado salad, like I did. You won't regret it. Or you can get a little more adventurous with the maple bacon burger. Be sure to order a side of maple roasted carrots, you won't want to settle for fries again.

Despite what the weather may indicate, spring is coming soon. While that means saying goodbye to winter flavors, there is sure to be plenty of spring produce to fill the void.