Two regular guys, Jon Olinto and Anthony Ackil from Massachusetts had an innovative idea to make fast-food “real” and as a result, created the chain restaurant b.good. The company stays true to its slogan: “”. B.good is a slightly impatient food lover who’s trying to be healthy this summer (like me) dream come true. Here are five reasons to check out b.good this summer.

1. It really is real food


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As recent Harvard Business School article notes, “Their commitment to real food [runs] deep.” Most of their ingredients are sourced locally from farms and ranches in the surrounding area. And to prove it to you, infographics like the one above are in every single restaurant they have. A bonus: while they source locally they’re supporting family farms and producers.

2. All the food is freshly made in-store… fast


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Every morning, most of the ingredients are brought fresh to the stores (never frozen) and the prepping and cooking is done that day. At every b.good restaurant you step foot in, you can watch the cooks make your meal right there in front of you. You’re probably thinking that there’s no way that this can actually be “fast” food. WRONG. I’ve only waited for my food for 10 minutes, tops.

3. There are currently 33 restaurants


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Wherever you may be in Massachusetts there is probably high chance that a b.good is near. In Massachusetts alone they have 17 restaurants and the company shows no signs of stopping expansions. The proof is in the picture above.

4. There’s something on the menu for everyone


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Whether you’re a meat-lover, veg-head or you like a little bit of both (like me), b.good is the place for you. The menu offers a wide range of food from burgers and sandwiches to kale bowls and seasonal salads. The picture above features their sweet potato fries (talk about yum) and the West-Side burger.

5. The seasonal salads are out this world


As the seasons change the b.good menu changes with it. At this point I’ve probably eaten almost all of the current seasonal salads that the menu offers and they are simply amazing. The two salads featured in the image above are my personal favorites: the Watermelon and Feta salad and the Southwestern Chicken salad.

So what are you waiting for? Go and b.good.