Everyone loves donuts. That's just a fact. Well maybe not everyone, but a lot of people enjoy a good donut every once in a while. Whether it is for breakfast or dessert, a donut can satisfy  your sweet tooth's craving for something soft and sweet. Federal Donuts in Philadelphia is changing the way people view donuts one bite at a time.

What Is Federal Donuts?

Federal Donuts is known for their take on classic comfort foods, but taking them to the next level. Customers return daily to get their hands on specialty donuts and chicken sandwiches that only can only be found Federal Donuts. Federal Donuts has several locations throughout Philadelphia including Center City, Second Street, Whole Foods, South Street, West Philly, North Philly and Citizens Bank Park. 

"Hot Fresh" And "Fancy" Donuts

Federal Donuts is popular among Philadelphia residents for their "hot fresh" donuts. I didn't know what a "hot fresh" donut was before I tried Federal Donuts. According to their website, a "hot fresh" donut comes straight out of the fryer and is tossed in house blended sugars. The donut melts in your mouth and from there it is an explosion of flavors.

In addition to the "hot fresh" donuts, Federal Donuts a list of "fancy" donuts on the menu. A "fancy" donut is their version of a specialty donut and come in a variety of flavors that vary. On the menu this week was blueberry muffin, salted caramel pretzel, carrot cake, cereal glaze, peach ricotta and chocolate cookies n cream. 

Each donut is $2.75 which is a great price for such a high quality treat. 

Classic Comfort Food

In addition to donuts, Federal Donuts also serves classic comfort food starting at 11am. Some of the items of the menu include a fried chicken sandwich, wings and za'atar fries. I wasn't able to try any of the food during my visit, but it looked delicious from what I saw on other people's plates. 

The fried chicken sandwich consists of boneless chicken breast, buttermilk ranch seasoning, American cheese, dill pickle and spicy Rooster Sauce on a Martin's Potato Roll. You can pick up one of these sandwiches for only $8. 

Za'atar fries are crispy skin-on fries that are tossed in their Za'atar spice.

Check out descriptions for other menu items on their website. 

Overall Thoughts

I was extremely satisfied with my trip to Federal Donuts and would definitely return on my next trip to Philadelphia. As soon as I walked into the shop, I was instantly greeted by employees who were willing to walk me through the donut flavors and menu items. The atmosphere was very relaxed almost as if you were sitting in someone's apartment. Although the space was small, it definitely did not feel congested or over crowded and you were actually able to enjoy your food without feeling rushed. 

I would highly recommend Federal Donuts to anyone living in Philadelphia or visiting the city. The donuts are one of a kind and a treat you won't find elsewhere.