If you have a sweet and salty tooth like me, you probably like chocolate covered pretzels. I remember when I was walking around the supermarket and came across Flipz chocolate covered pretzels. I picked up the light blue packaging and put them into my basket. 

After my first bite, I was hooked. The sweet taste from the chocolate and the salty flavor from the pretzels made this a perfect snack for me, and started my obsession with the brand.

I did some research following my first bag and came across different flavors which I immediately had to try. After trying each of the different flavors, I decided it is only fair to the other chocolate pretzel lovers to know which flavors are better than others, so keep on scrolling for a sweet read.

5. Birthday Cake  

Birthday cake-flavored treats are usually not my cup of tea because they lack taste and authenticity. In my opinion, birthday cake flavor tends to be bland and tasteless, but these pretzels tasted more like white chocolate, which I like. I have to say that the rainbow-sprinkles make the presentation of the pretzels more appealing, but other than that, the pretzel is just covered in white chocolate with a little splash of birthday cake flavor. The sprinkles provided a slight crunch, which I liked, but the pretzel could have tasted more like its advertised birthday cake

4. Milk Chocolate

You can't really go wrong with milk chocolate, am I right?

These milk chocolate-covered pretzels have the perfect amount of sweetness to them, making them one of my favorite flavors from Flipz. The chocolate is layered with just the right amount to pair nicely with the pretzel. 

3. Chocolate Mint

I am usually not a fan of mint, but these chocolate mint-flavored pretzels are amazing. The mint is not too overpowering like it usually tends to be with mint chocolate candies. The minty flavor with the crunch of the pretzels gives your taste buds an explosion of flavor, which is sure to leave you feeling refreshed. 

2. White Fudge 

White chocolate is my weakness and these white fudge pretzels are to die for. The white fudge is creamy, sweet, and rich, leaving a delightful taste in your mouth alongside the crunch of the pretzel. Not only will you find yourself going back for more, but the pack will be gone in five minutes tops. 

1. Caramel Sea Salt

These caramel sea salt pretzels are my absolute go-to when I am craving something both salty and sweet. The caramel coat of the pretzel is savory and the milk chocolate complements it extremely well. The sea salt sprinkled on top provides an enhanced taste of the chocolate and caramel, which will leave you wanting more and more. 

Final Thoughts

Flipz gives the classic pretzel a run for its money with their delicious and sweet flavors. Not only do they have the flavors mentioned above, but they occasionally release seasonal flavors such as candy cane, which came out this winter.

To find out more about Flipz, check out their website to see where you can purchase this delicious treat.