I love exploring metropolitan cities, and luckily the University of Delaware is less than an hour away from Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love. With numerous businesses, churches, colleges, museums, bars, restaurants, and shopping, Philly offers something for everyone. 

The city is not only great to check out with friends, but is also the perfect place for fun and memorable dates with your significant other. Philadelphia allows you to be creative when thinking about what to do or where to go on a date. If you’re looking for something to do with your date, check out three of my favorite Philadelphia date ideas.  

1. Sushi Burritos and a Concert

salmon, smoked salmon, avocado
Anastasia McGregor

If you want to keep it casual, grab some delicious and unique Japanese food at Hai Street Kitchen & Co with your date.  Grab a customizable or pre-made hand-rolled sushi burrito before heading to your next date destination, whether it be a concert at The Electric Factory or Festival Pier at Penn's Landing. This meal will definitely fill you up, but be sure to delve into the gourmet food truck and ice cream stops around the city before the night is over.

2. Magic and Cheesesteaks

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It isn’t hard to experience magic while on a date in Philly, especially at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, which is a non-profit organization, folk art environment, and gallery space designed by mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar. This indoor and outdoor gallery takes you through a maze of beautiful mosaic walls and sculptures and makes for a great date. It wouldn’t be a trip to Philly without eating a classic cheesesteak from nowhere else besides Jim’s Steaks. You will dream about this cheesesteak overloaded with cheese wiz, mushrooms, and onions when the night's over.  

3. The Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo has everything you need for a perfect date. This zoo is the ultimate place to enjoy both amazing animals and food. You can spend the whole day at the zoo because it’s open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. After gawking at the adorable animals and soaring above the city on the zoo balloon, be sure to stop by the beer garden, “The Watering Hole,” that’s open Friday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

You can also find great food at one of their many restaurants.  Keep it simple with a classic burger and French fry meal, or treat yourself to local and seasonal salads, meals with responsibly raised meat, paninis, and homemade infused beverages.