After 30 days in Europe, I had a happy tummy, satisfied tastebuds, and a smiling face. In each city I went to, I bit into something special and thought, "It doesn't get better than this." Yet, when I arrived in the next city, I would take a bite of something new and think, "OK, I guess it doesn't get better than THIS." These, my friends, are the must-eats of Europe.

By city, here are the foods you won't want to miss:

London, England

sauce, meatball, parmesan, meat, beef, cheese
Amy Schwartz
beer, wine, coffee
Amy Schwartz

At a cute restaurant called Polpo at Ape & Bird, I found my must-eat of London: Chickpea, Spinach, and Ricotta "Meat"balls. Vegetarian, light, and healthy. A bit spicy. Incredibly savory.

Though vegetarian meatballs are not a staple of London, I would undoubtedly go back to London JUST to take another bite.

Paris, France

ice, ice cream, cream, chocolate
Amy Schwartz

If I could say one thing about Paris, it would be, "Holy crepe!" The crepes here exceeded my expectations. Standing in front of the Eiffel Tower at night, I enjoyed a Nutella, banana, and whipped cream crepe. An absolute must-eat.

chocolate, cake, candy, macaroon, cookie, sweet, macaron, meringue
Amy Schwartz

Macarons are a colorful representation of the French culture: elegant and expensive. Laduree is a well-known brand, but not the most authentic. Either way, they are definitely a must-eat.

Amy Schwartz

If you don't eat baguettes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack, you're doing France wrong. You can find fresh, warm, and delicious bread at almost every food place you walk into. Don't forget to spread some soft brie cheese on it. Must-eat.

Ghent, Belgium

bread, dairy product
Amy Schwartz

What else are you going to eat in Belgium than a Belgian waffle? Nothing. I got a freshly made, warm waffle with banana and whipped cream. It was no ordinary waffle, let me tell you. It was a must-eat.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

french fries, ketchup, meat, vegetable, potato
Amy Schwartz

At every corner in Amsterdam, you will get a whiff of french fry deliciousness. Yes, you should succumb to the urge and purchase a nice cone of fries. 

Amy Schwartz

You can choose any sauce you would like on top. I HIGHLY recommend the combination of Samurai (spicy mayo) and ketchup. It's a must-eat.

sweet, cream
Amy Schwartz

After a bike tour in the country side of Amsterdam, I ended at a cute little pancake place. The Dutch pancake is a taste you will never forget. Sprinkle some powdered sugar and pour some syrup, and you have yourself a must-eat.

Lucerne, Switzerland

tea, grass, water
Amy Schwartz
chicken, meat, pastry
Amy Schwartz

Besides Swiss chocolate (not pictured), I don't think I tried any Swiss CLASSICS. However, everything with a view tastes better. Pictured on the top is white wine being drank at the bottom of the mountains. Below the wine is a sweet hot pretzel.

Venice, Italy

vegetable, tomato, pepper, basil
Amy Schwartz

At a cute place right outside of Venice called Fratelli La Bufala Mestre, you can find the best buffalo mozzarella you will ever eat. It was so fresh that there was a milky liquid oozing out with each bite. The must-eat to end all must-eats.

Rome, Italy

ice, cream, ice cream, wafer, waffle, chocolate
Amy Schwartz

"When in Rome," it is acceptable to eat gelato multiple times a day. Pictured here is my favorite flavor: cream. So creamy (go figure) and delicious. A must-eat.

Florence, Italy

sauce, pasta
Amy Schwartz

Homemade papparadelle pasta. Tomato sauce. Parmesan cheese. No other description needed. Need I say that it's a must-eat? Probably not, but I'll say it anyway. Don't leave Florence without some homemade papparadelle. It's a must-eat.

Antibes, France

Amy Schwartz

In the cute Southern France town of Antibes, an omelet is what you're looking for. Fresh and perfectly cooked eggs for dinner is normal and encouraged. Don't forget the mojito to top it off. Must-eat.

Barcelona, Spain

paella, seafood, vegetable, meat, tomato
Amy Schwartz

Paella: a dish that makes mixing seafood and chicken acceptable. The rice dish is a classic Spanish food and is worth the hype. If you can get to a paella-making class, as I did above, do it. Paella is even more of a must-eat when you get to make it yourself.

churros, sweet, chocolate, bread, honey
Amy Schwartz

Churros are the go-to Spanish dessert, and make a great drunk snack. When dipped into a warm cup of liquid chocolate, they are definitely a must-eat. Me gusta comer churros mucho.

tea, milk, coffee, sweet, cream
Amy Schwartz

Spain wouldn't be Spain without endless pitchers of Sangria. The fruity and delicious alcoholic drink makes even the most mediocre paella taste delicious. Sangria is definitely a must-drink.