You’re probably thinking, “Why are there only six gelaterias on this list when there are at least a million in Rome?” Well, I have an answer to that. Not all gelato is created equal. Many in Rome are total tourist traps, but luckily for you I’ve compiled a tried and true list of where to find the absolute best gelato in Rome. (and how to tell good gelato from bad gelato, which you can read about here).

1. Frigidarium

I’ll start with my personal favorite, Frigidarium. If there wasn’t always a line out the door (don’t worry, it moves fast), it would be hard to miss this place. It sits in a tiny corner store a few blocks away from Piazza Navona and is one of the things I miss most about Rome.

Be sure to try the Frigidarium flavor that tastes like cake batter and is topped with a chocolate cookie. You won’t regret it. All cones and cups can be dipped in either white or dark chocolate, which is another added bonus.

2. Fatamorgana

Fatamorgana has some of the most unique flavors of gelato in Rome. They have all the classics, but they also have flavors such as carrot cake, rosemary chocolate, and wasabi. This local chain uses all natural ingredients and avoids added sweeteners or flavorings. Seasonality is key to the flavors they offer, and the menu is always changing to keep you on your toes.

3. Giolitti

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Sarah Spiro

Next up is Giolitti. This place is almost, if not more, famous than some of the historical monuments in the city. Giolitti was established in 1900 and, like Frigidarium, this gelateria always has a line. But it’s worth the wait.

Of the places to find the best gelato in Rome, Giolitti has the largest selection of flavors. But the quantity by no means sacrifices the quality. My favorite flavors here are cinnamon and Nutella, which basically has the consistency of straight fudge. 

4. Il Gelato di San Crispino

Near Trevi Fountain is Il Gelato di San Crispino. Not only has LL Cool J given it a shoutout in an interview, but this gelato is the real deal. They keep each flavor at a different temperature to ensure it's at the right consistency, and they only offer cups because they want you to focus on the gelato and not the cone. 

5. La Romana

La Romana is another institution in the world of Roman gelato. As another Spoon writer puts it, “Once you try this gelato, you’ll never eat gelato anywhere else.” Even though I do encourage you to try all of the places on this list, her enthusiasm is well-justified.

Not only do they fill your cone with either hazelnut or white chocolate, La Romana also uses only the highest quality ingredients that translates into some of the freshest gelato Rome has to offer.

6. Grom

The second top-notch chain on this list is Grom. They have their own organic farm to ensure the freshest ingredients. Their gelato is 100% natural and they don’t use flavorings, colorings, preservatives, or emulsifiers, so you know this stuff is good... and like kinda good for you? They are located in 35 cities in Italy, and have 10 locations in Rome, so it’s hard to miss. 

If you happen to fall into a tourist trap of a gelateria and like the way it tastes, that's fine! But if you're looking for top-quality, well-respected gelato, any of the places on this list will put an end to your search for the best gelato in Rome.