Have you ever had a macaron? If you haven't, you really should. They're basically cookies with filling in between, but taste even better than you'd think. Whether or not you've had a macaron, you haven't tasted the best until you've had one from Laduree. Laduree is a fancy macaroon shop popular in Paris and London, but it's expanding to the United States now.


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Meredith Grubb

They are amazing (and expensive), but very worth it. Laduree is the place to go if you're looking for the best of the best. Laduree has locations in New York and Miami, and they're putting one in Los Angeles as well. That means that chances are, you'll be near one sometime soon—think spring break or summer internship!

They also have locations in Europe: I've been to the one in Paris and the one in London. There's nothing like getting a macaron in the city that's famous for them (or just another posh city). It's fun to visit the authentic Laduree stores—if you're studying abroad in Europe, I suggest you head to Laduree.


Laduree's macarons have amazing flavors: my favorites are rose and pistachio, but they also have chocolate, coffee, peach, caramel, lemon, orange blossom, licorice, vanilla, chestnut, and so many more. They're light, chewy, tiny, and packed with flavor. They also all come in beautiful pastel colors. Do those not sound amazing?


The stores are all classy pastels and incredibly photogenic. The Paris store has an area where you can sit down, eat pastries, and drink tea, while the London Laduree is very small: you just can simply grab your macarons and leave. They also sell other things, like chocolate.

They will make you so happy

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Meredith Grubb

Look at the joy on my face in that picture. Laduree is the best macaron experience you can get: they are delicious, beautiful, and you get the full, classy Europen macaron experience that you are looking for. Don't opt for the cheap, frozen Trader Joe's macarons: those are no where near the same league as the ones from Laduree.

I know that London, Paris, New York, Miami, and LA are not incredibly accessible, but if you ever have the opportunity to stop by the Laduree stores in those locations, do it. You will not regret spending your time (or money).