Step away from the oven. Baked cookies are so outdated and so is eating raw cookie dough that is meant to be baked. Edible cookie dough is what everyone should be eating for dessert.

These five companies are revolutionizing the raw cookie dough game. All are safe to eat raw, by the spoon full of course, and I can promise you you're going to be wanting to get your hands on these babies ASAP.

1. Unbaked: A Cookie Dough Bar

The founder of Unbaked created the company in April of 2015 after she quit her job at the NFL Network. She always enjoyed baking and loved cookie dough and that is how Unbaked was born. 

To ensure the cookie dough is safe to eat, Unbaked never uses raw flour or eggs. She believes the dough tastes exactly like real cookie dough, just like licking the spoon when making cookies. 

Unbaked is the first cookie dough store in the world that offers customizable flavors for customers. In addition to customized dough, it also offer cookie dough sandwiches with homemade flavors inside.

The online company is based in Los Angeles but the creator is hoping to open a storefront in the future. All the dough is handmade fresh for every single order by the creator herself, who runs this company alone!

2. Edoughble

Edoughble was created in 2009 after a popular cookie dough company suffered a mass recall on their dough because customers were getting sick after eating it raw. The founder is Rana Lustyan, a Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School graduate, and pastry chef with experience at some of the top-tier Los Angeles and San Fransisco restauraunts.

This cookie dough company introduced a unique line of flavors, all of which are made using all-natural, non-gmo ingredients. Edoughble's flavors include Chocolate Chip Off the Ol' Block, Birthday Bash and Cookies N' Dream, Stuck On You PB&J, Lady In Red Velvet, S'More Please and many more.

The reason that Edoughble dough is...edible, is because they refrain from using egg, which eliminates the risk that raw dough poses. They also use heat-treated flour which ensures consumer's safety.

Since their launch, Edoughble has served tens of thousands of consumers across the country and have inspired others to realize that edible cookie dough is, in fact, possible. 

3. Hampton Creek: Just Cookie Dough

The two cookie dough flavors sold, Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake ,are both conveniently available for sale at SuperTargets and Targets.

Hampton Creek's dough is made dairy-free, egg-free and non-gmo! A particular strain of sorghum is also used in both the Cookie Dough and the Baked Cookies which is naturally sweetened so excessive unnecessary sugar is not needed. All of Hampton Creek's products are made by a team of Michelin Star Chefs in-house. Talk about quality.

Don't forget to keep your eye out for Hampton Creek's newest flavor- Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. It is sweet yet salty, fluffy yet dense, and sprinkled with crunchy peanuts and chocolate chips. Just Cookie Dough is made with plant-based ingredients, so grab a spoon and eat it by the spoonful.

4. The Cookie Jar DC

The Cookie Jar DC is based in Washington, DC, therefore they deliver within the DC area but also ship nationwide. Although they do not yet have a storefront, they are currently selling in twenty different stores in the DC area.

The company makes raw cookie dough that is completely safe to eat. Their signature flavors are chocolate chip, sugar cookie funfetti, peanut butter chocolate chip, double chocolate M&M, oatmeal raisin, and snickerdoodle and their seasonal flavors right now are red velvet and hot cocoa.

In order to ensure that the dough is safe, The Cookie Jar does not use eggs or preservatives and only use heat treated flour. Except for a few candy toppings, all the ingredients are natural.

In addition to the traditional flavors, The Cookie Jar sells vegan chocolate chip dough and gluten free is their next mission!

5. Cookie DŌ NYC

The founder of Cookie DŌ NYC is Kristen Tomlan, who had her "light bulb moment" while sitting with girlfriends eating raw cookie dough. She wondered why this pnemonenon wasn't a thing yet.

The shop is inspired by her childhood passion for baking and indulging in cookie dough straight out of the mixing bowl. She wanted DŌ to have a resemblance to that of an ice cream shop but instead with cookie dough.

In the shop, customers can watch the dough making process, taste the flavors, and add their favorite unique toppings.

Cookie DŌ's Signature Chocolate Chip flavor is the most popular item and current best seller. Kristen's personal favorite is Heavenly which is made with a sugar cookie base and layered with Nutella, sea salt, chocolate chips, and caramel bits.