Let’s face it, Funfetti desserts are making a comeback in the baking world. This craze basically involves adding sprinkles to anything you can imagine. The sprinkles end up looking like confetti, truly making your tastebuds celebrate. Here are some quick twists on classic recipes that you can prepare in under 15 minutes.

Disclaimer: this does not include baking or chilling times!

1. Funfetti Pancakes


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What’s not to love? It’s dessert and breakfast all in one. Recipe here.

2. Mini Funfetti Cheesecakes


Photo by Rebecca Siminov

Little bites of heaven. Recipe here.

3. 3 Ingredient Funfetti Dip


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In just five minutes, this easy Dunkaroos style recipe will transport you back to the 90s. Recipe here.

4. Funfetti Sugar Cookie Nachos


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This quick and easy recipe will change your nacho game forever. Recipe here.

5. No-Bake Funfetti Fudge


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If you want to eat endless amounts of cake batter without fear of getting sick from raw ingredients, you need to try this. Recipe here.

6. Oreo- Stuffed Funfetti Cookies


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If you want to make this recipe from scratch, it would take about an hour to prepare.. but if your lazy like me, you could just mix sprinkles into pre-made cookie dough. Recipe here.

7. Funfetti Cheesecake Cookie Cups


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The title of this article says it all: it’s a party in your mouth.

8. Funfetti Milkshake


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Blend Funfetti cake mix, ice cream, milk and sprinkles for one of the most epic shakes you’ve ever had. Recipe here.

9. Fairy Bread


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It’s the best thing since sliced bread. Recipe here.

10. Funfetti Cake Batter Blondies


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This gooey treat is guaranteed to become a favorite. Recipe here.

11. Cake Batter Funfetti Waffles


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Amazing things happen when breakfast and dessert meet. Recipe here.

12. Funfetti Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes


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These fluffy Funfetti cupcakes are baked into an ice cream cone and topped off with vanilla bean frosting. They taste even better than they look. Recipe here.

13. Funfetti Cupcakes


Photo by Jennifer Nigro

This recipe claims to elevate your everyday boxed cake mix to bakery standard. Try for yourself.

14. Cookie Butter Funfetti Triple Chip Bars


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And you thought cookie butter couldn’t get any better. Recipe here.

15. Funfetti Pull-Apart Bread


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A childhood classic that’ll bring you back to the golden days. Recipe here.