I'd be lying if I said I haven't planned to make cookie dough with the intention to eat it raw before. And cookie dough ice cream? It's obviously the best flavor of ice cream. So, when I found out Edoughble is a company that delivers cookie dough straight to your door, I was all in.

Edoughble uses all-natural ingredients like hormone-free butter, Madagascar vanilla beans and Belgian dark chocolate chunks. Most ingredients are non-GMO too, all but the sprinkles on top of the cookie dough.

An adorable family makes the cookie dough out of their home, and they ship it to you right after it's done mixing. They make this cookie dough safe by using heated flour that gets rid of the bacteria that can transfer E. coli, and they don't use eggs in any of their products.

There's about 13 flavors overall, and I was lucky enough to try five of those flavors. To all college kids craving cookie dough: It has never been easier to de-stress—it's like happiness just shows up at your door.


sweet, dairy product, cream, milk, pastry, chocolate
Beth LeValley

I was not expecting Snickerdoodle to be my favorite cookie dough. In normal cookie dough, you can usually taste the abundance of flour in this cookie. However, Edoughble did it right and had the perfect ratio of cookie dough flavor to cinnamon and sugar.

S'More, Please

sweet, dairy product, cake, pastry, cream, chocolate, cookie
Beth LeValley

This one was labeled S'more, but I'm convinced it actually meant Chocolate Chip Cookie. It didn't have any marshmallow, which was a huge disappointment to my roommate, who was looking forward to that. It also used semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate. It was still a rockstar flavor, just not what we were expecting.

Banana Nutella

Beth LeValley

Sorry Banana Nutella, but you weren't our favorite. We appreciated the Nutella influence and the real dried bananas, but we couldn't wrap our heads around the bland banana flavor. Let's stick to the cookie dough loaded with sugar and candy.

Caramel-Pumpkin Swirl

dairy product, cake, sweet, pastry, cream, pie, chocolate
Beth LeValley

I was surprised with how much I loved Caramel-Pumpkin Swirl. The handwritten flavor on the tub of cookie dough added a nice touch, too. It's a nice seasonal flavor, but we ultimately decided that it was even better when added to "SnickerDude."

Lady in Red Velvet Chip

chocolate, cream, cake
Beth LeValley

The red velvet flavor was full of sugar, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your taste. I liked the base of the cookie dough, but the added white chocolate chips made it difficult to eat for me. However, my friends loved this flavor and would definitely order it again.

There are several recipes (like this one) that you can make to safely eat cookie dough, but I doubt any of them will have the unique flavors as Edoughble. With exceptional customer service and quick delivery, it's almost as easy to order from Edoughble as it is to make your own.

P.S. To parents everywhere: It is possible to give Edoughble as a gift (hint, hint).