New York City is home to some of the best dessert spots including Levain Bakery, Schmackary's, and Chip. Now, Duchess Cookies can be added to that list as having some of the best cookies in NYC. 

What Is Duchess Cookies?

In early 2017, Sofia Demetriou took her passion for baking and cookies to the next level with the creation of Duchess Cookies. Duchess Cookies is known for their original and innovative flavors and are constantly looking for new ways to update their menu. Duchess Cookies has accumulated over 30k followers on Instagram and can be seen on a variety of food accounts dedicated to showcasing the best sweet treats across NYC. 

Where Is Duchess Cookies?

Duchess Cookies currently has 3 locations all in New York where people can get their hands on these decadent treats. 24 Oak Dr. in Syosset, Gansevoort Market, and Penn Station are the three primary locations to find these "designer cookies." Duchess Cookies also partners with a few other locations such as Gracie Mews, Grace's Marketplace, and Milk N Cookies all located in New York. 

What Flavors Are There?

Duchess Cookies prides itself on creating original and innovative flavors that take their cookies to the next level. They have over 30+ different flavors including cookie monster, unicorn, Oreo cheesecake, funfetti, galaxy, chocolate peanut butter chip, Trix cereal, and many more. 

I visited the Gansevoort Market location and was able to try the cookie monster, galaxy, and funfetti. 

Cookie Monster 

Cookie monster is a blue sugar cookie with a chocolate chip cookie center. Not only does this cookie look like one of Sesame Streets most beloved characters, but the different flavors of both cookies create the perfect sweet and sugary taste with each bite. 

Galaxy Cookie

Galaxy is not only popular in the beauty world, but Duchess Cookies has turned the galaxy into a cookie. The galaxy cookie is a black coconut ash sugar cookie filled with a creamy milk chocolate ganache and topped with gelatin stars and edible glitter. Not only does this cookie look out of this world, but the hint of coconut provides the perfect finish. 

Funfetti Cookie

Who doesn't like funfetti?! This funfetti cookie is a traditional sugar cookie with sprinkles baked in. While this cookie is a bit more simple, the flavor is both sweet and savory. I would recommend this cookie for someone who is trying to delve into the world of exotic cookie flavors. 

Overall Thoughts

I have visited several cookie shops in NYC over the past year and I can say that Duchess Cookies is definitely at the top of my list. The unique flavors and colors alongside the gooey consistency make it the perfect cookie for those looking for a sweet treat. The cookies are $5.50 each, but the size justifies the price. 

Next time you are in New York, I would definitely take the time to stop by Duchess Cookies and try one for yourself!